5 prospects Ravens fans should be watching in Oklahoma vs. Texas

J.J. Regan
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If you want defensive prospects, the SEC is the conference to check out. But what if you wanted a boost for the offense? Then you go to the Big 12 where offense reigns supreme.

Oklahoma and Texas is one of the great rivalries of college football and there will be plenty of offensive weapons on display in the Cotton Bowl on Saturday for NFL fans to check out.

Hare the players Ravens fans should be watching.

C Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma

Humphrey's wrestling background is evident when you watch him play. Despite being 6-foot-5, 315 pounds, he always seems to gain good leverage when blocking and maintains his center of gravity. Run-blocking is his specialty as he loves to take it to the defense and you can often find him at the second and third levels of the field wreaking havoc with his blocks. His pass blocking is not as strong, but still very good and he never gives up on a play. He runs through the whistle each and every time he snaps the ball.

See where Humphrey is projected to go in the latest NFL Mock Draft.

ILB Kenneth Murray, Oklahoma

When you send Murray after the quarterback, he is shot out of a cannon. He has very good vision and is able to find holes in the blocking to chase down ball carriers. He is also great and keeping contain and forcing the ball on the outside or bringing down the ball-carrier whenever they try to cut back in.  You almost never see him get caught over-pursuing.

When it comes to pass defense, Murray is average at best. His strengths are definitely on the blitz and pursuing. What I really like about him is that he is a very good tackler. In this day and age when everyone tries to lower the shoulder and no one wraps up, Murray stands out. If you are anywhere within arm's reach, he is going to bring you down.

OT Sam Cosmi, Texas

As a redshirt sophomore, Cosmi would be a project for an NFL team, but it would likely be a good investment.

Cosmi was the starting right tackle for Texas last season as a redshirt freshman and after only one year he is already projected to go in the top half of the NFL draft. If he stayed in school for three more years, chances are he would be a really high pick. If he chooses to go early and leave Texas this year, however, this would be a value pickup. It would take a year or two, but he has NFL starting potential and being able to grab that in the middle of the draft would be a steal.

DT Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma

Last year, Gallimore looked like he could be an average NFL nose tackle. He could stuff up the middle and take blocks, but he was not going to contribute much else.

That is not the case this season.

Gallimore shed some fat and gained some muscle in the offseason and it is evident in his play. He suddenly is much quicker off the snap and does not just stuff up the middle anymore, he can penetrate. This is a much more versatile player than originally projected and would certainly be an asset in the middle of the defense.

OT Parker Braun, Texas

Braun's collegiate career began at Georgia Tech which made evaluating him difficult. The Yellow Jackets' option offense obviously does not translate to the NFL. Going to Texas as a graduate transfer was a smart move for Braun's career and he is getting some reps at pass protecting. The results so far have been good.

After time at Georgia Tech, we know Braun is an excellent run blocker. His pass blocking remains a work in progress and he should be seen as a project at the NFL level.

Other potential NFL prospects to watch:

WR CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma
WR Collin Johnson
S Brandon Jones, Texas
QB Sam Ehlinger, Texas
TE Grant Calcaterra, Oklahoma
CB Josh Thompson, Texas
QB Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma
DE Malcolm Roach, Texas
C Zach Shackelford, Texas
ILB Jeffrey McCulloch, Texas
RB Trey Sermon, Oklahoma
WR Devin Duvernay, Texas
OLB Caleb Kelly, Oklahoma


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