5 money-saving tips for making post-quarantine travel plans

Lately, it feels like almost every conversation starts with the same question: Where are you going this summer?. Everyone, it seems, is dying to travel again. The only problem? Everyone is dying to travel again. In April, domestic flight costs increased by a jarring 10.2 percent, according to Bloomberg. Meanwhile, CNBC reported that international flights got 17 percent more expensive from early April to late May. Hotel prices and Airbnb costs are following suit. Budget traveling during a boom like this isn’t impossible, it’s just challenging. So, if you’re one of the many making vacation plans right now, here are five budget travel tips for summer 2021. 1. Learn to dodge crowds. 2. Be (just a little!) patient. 3. Think critically about your time. 4. Be flexible. 5. When in doubt, just go