5 lemon hacks on TikTok

here are 5 TikTok hacks that’ll make using lemons easier than ever. 1. Turning a lemon into a spray bottle. To accomplish this hack, slice off both sides of a lemon, and insert a plastic spray nozzle. 2. The “roll and poke” lemon hack. roll the lemon on a table to loosen it up. Then, take a skewer and stab it through the top of the lemon. Remove the skewer, and squeeze the lemon with the new hole facing down. 3. Lemon ice cube hack . soak a bunch of lemons, peel them, and put ‘em through the food processor. Then pour the juice into ice cube molds and freeze. 4. Getting the most juice out of a lemon wedge. Cut off the end of a lemon, and make a small triangular slice (like a lemon Pac-Man). This will provide a smooth, easy squeeze every time. 5. Taking the stress out of your zest . place a piece of parchment paper over the grates, so that your zest goes on the paper instead of on the tool. Then, simply brush the zest onto your dish