5 inspirational TikTok lunches to get you in the back-to-school spirit

When it comes to school lunches, some parents really go all out. Most of these packing methods aren’t necessary, but they’re definitely fun. 1. A cute breakfast bento box . Packed with pancakes, crispy bacon, sliced grapes, berries and Goldfish crackers, this kid-friendly bento box would be just as delicious to an adult. 2. An adorable googly eye waffle sandwich . If you’re looking for a fun, low-effort way to give your kids a laugh when they open their lunchboxes, googly eyes are the answer. 3. An all-orange bento box . Cantaloupe balls, Goldfish crackers, a mandarin orange, carrots, and mac ‘n cheese round out this monochrome lunchbox. 4. A fancy charcuterie-style lunch . Hard boiled eggs with everything bagel seasoning, raw almonds, multigrain crackers, and salami and cream cheese roll ups make up this refined meal. 5. A mermaid-themed lunch box . This mermaid box is quite the spectacle, with fish-shaped cutout sandwiches, heart-shaped strawberries, and a sparkly marshmallow donut