5 flavorful elote (Mexican street corn) recipes

Elote, or Mexican street corn, features a delicious medley of flavors and textures with each bite. If you’re looking for a new snack to nibble on, here are five tasty elote recipes that will spice things up! . Cajun-style elote When it comes to any Cajun dish, the power is in the seasoning. Truffle elote These truffle elotes take corn on the cob to the next level. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos elote While Flamin’ Hot Cheetos taste good on their own, they taste even better on an elote. Ramen-flavored elote bites These bite-sized elotes may be small, but they pack a mighty punch. Elote in a cup While most elote recipes feature corn on the cob, this version comes with corn in the cup

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