5 Editors Share What Their Work-From-Home Makeup Routine Looks Like

Jessica Harrington

The evolution of our work-from-home beauty routines has been a roller coaster. What started out as a fun, borderline rebellious halt of all makeup and hair-care routines quickly turned into a question of, "When was the last time I washed my hair?" and "Wow, this Zoom call really washes me out." Now, on week five (I think?) of working remotely and social distancing, we're coming out of that hiatus and welcoming a new form of makeup routine. It may not be the 10-step process that some of use used to wake up every morning and do, but it's what makes us feel good - ultimately, that's all that matters.

Now more than ever, we're smearing on lip gloss or a quick coat of mascara for ourselves, not anyone else. Makeup has the power to make you feel put together and ready to tackle the day; makeup is a form of self-care. Following some sort of a routine, no matter how small, can help establish a bit of normalcy in your day, and boy, do we need some of that right now.

We may not be traveling into the office any time soon, but a few of our editors are taking pride in "getting ready for work" in a different way. See what five of our editors' work-from-home makeup routine looks like right now, ahead.