5 easy 10-minute meals

When you’re short on time but big on appetite, a quick meal is a dream come true. Here are 5 easy and delicious 10-minute meals on TikTok. 1. This quesadilla is loaded with veggies and protein via black beans, so it will definitely give you the nutrients you need at the end of the day. Add lots of cheese and dip in your favorite hot sauce for a well earned dinner. 2. This 10-minute pasta is almost too good to be true. This spinach pesto pasta is lean, grean, and packed with protein. 3. This garlic shrimp is super easy to make and full of flavor. Make sure to sprinkle on your favorite seasoning and serve those babies on a bed of rice for a dinner the whole family will love. 4. Most of this dinner prep will be chopping veggies, but don’t forget to grill your chicken and be generous with your favorite barbecue sauce. 5. The main ingredient in this meal is canned sardines. The filmer fries them up (in the sauce that comes in the can) with some onions, chilis, and seasoning. Serve with veggies and rice for a well-rounded inner