5 delicious desserts for chocolate-lovers

From chocolate-infused breakfasts to decadent chocolate desserts, here are five amazing recipes for chocolate-lovers. 1. Giant chocolate peanut butter cup. If you love peanut butter almost as much as you love chocolate, this is the dessert for you! you’ll have a giant chocolate peanut butter cup you can slice into like a pie. 2. Chocolate strawberry cheesecake pasta. This creative chocolate dish turns pasta into a decadent dessert. 3. Hot cocoa bombs. These hot cocoa bombs are as adorable as they are delicious! To enjoy, toss the hot chocolate bombs into a warm cup of milk and let them melt. 4. Vegan chocolate tofu pie. This vegan chocolate tofu pie is so decadent. 5. Chocolate baked oats. These chocolate baked oats are perfect for dessert or breakfast! add a chocolate square to the top, to give it an extra chocolatey kick