5 boys tennis players to watch in 2024

Apr. 5—There's always big boys tennis talent in and around Rochester. Here are five players to watch for this season, led by Mayo sophomore star Tej Bhagra.

Bhagra is not only the top tennis player in southeastern Minnesota, but he's in the running for being the top one in the state. A sophomore, the quick and highly skilled Bhagra plays the game with speed, finesse and guile. He's a great shot maker and relentless.

A sophomore, Kennel has an excellent feel for the game and great touch with his shots. He's also mobile and someone who's gone from playing lots of doubles for Mayo to a player who could easily shift to singles. He's an excellent athlete.

Lee is another member of Mayo's young, strong core of players. A freshman left-hander, Lee is aggressive from the baseline. He uses a strong forehand to dictate points and plays an aggressive style.

Wisniewski is another Mayo player with an aggressive game. The junior has big strokes and likes to consistently use them. He's got an impressive style that could sometimes use subtleness to it in order to keep points alive.

Lecic stands out for two reasons. The senior is a scrappy player who makes opponents work by getting to so many balls, and he's really tall — 6-feet-6.