Is the ‘5+7’ format the right one for College Football Playoff expansion? | College Football Enquirer

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel and Ross Dellenger are joined by Pat Forde of Sports Illustrated to discuss the CFP committee’s decision to grant five automatic bids and seven at-league berths for the upcoming season’s playoff. Hear the full conversation on the “College Football Enquirer” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

DAN WETZEL: all right, they finally approved the 5 and 7, which, somehow, took, like, three years to hack through. So I think there's a level of confusion out there or people can't remember-- people like, wait, that-- I think we've been hearing about a playoff so long, and college football doesn't have a-- like, they don't have a central authority to promote themselves that, like, people are, like, wait, that's finally this year? Yes, it's this year.

So we're going to give you the quick-- let me give you the quick breakdown of how we got here so that you can sound smart to your friends who don't-- because I know all our guys are smart, but are on top of it. But I need to be reminded. So 12 teams. Five automatic bids now.

It used to be six, but the Pac-12, ostensibly, does not exist. So if you win-- if you are the winner of the championship game of the Big 12, the ACC, the SEC, or the Big Ten, you are almost assuredly going to get in-- you're in. You're in if you win those things. Those four leagues are almost assuredly going to be in the top-five.

ROSS DELLENGER: Yeah, very likely.

DAN WETZEL: I think maybe mathematically impossible for one of them not to. That is the plan. This is going to be our plan for the next two years. Ross, you've been all over this. Your thoughts on the 5 and 7. Is this the best plan we could have right now? Are you excited for this plan? It's literally going to take-- literally, it's the plan for the season that starts in, like, nine months.

ROSS DELLENGER: This plan was originally introduced in June 2021. Now, it was 6 plus 6 at the time. So what they did earlier this week is just finally agree to drop that to 5-7 given the Pac-12 situation. But introduced in June 2021, was argued over and fought over for a couple of years, a lot of realignment happened in between, a lot of hurt feelings-- The Alliance, as we all remember.

I think it's an ideal model. I think a lot of people in college sports are wondering why they're already trying to change it since we haven't even played a single game in the new 12-team playoff. But you can point to, as we would discuss later, I'm sure, the realignment and the expansion of everything that happened. But it'll be a blast. The first round-- home games in the first round should be pretty awesome.