49ers WR Deebo Samuel still thinks about Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl LVIII performance

The Kansas City Chiefs were crowned back-to-back Super Bowl champions following last month’s Super Bowl LVIII victory over the San Francisco 49ers. The thrilling overtime win will be remembered throughout the league’s history, with joy from Kansas City and devastation from San Francisco.

The Chiefs players and staff have done various interviews celebrating the latest title, while a few members of the 49ers are beginning to open up following the tough loss. One of those players is wide receiver Deebo Samuel, who provided his reflection on the game and witnessed the Chiefs come back from the sidelines.

Samuel appeared on Tuesday’s episode of the “Up & Adams Show.” to give praise to the greatness of Patrick Mahomes while speaking with host Kay Adams.

“[I was] dealing with a shoulder [injury], and [in] the second half I pulled my hamstring, so I’m just like bro, not right now, like please not right now,” Samuel explained. “Then [I] was still able to go out there and try to help the team, but we just fell short, and they got [the] great Patrick Mahomes on the other side, so you know he’s capable [of] anything, and you know, our defense was playing well all game long. They played well all game long. It was just Pat Mahomes being Pat Mahomes, man.”

Samuel suffered a hamstring injury but fought through the pain to finish with three catches for 33 yards. Mahomes’ third Super Bowl MVP award put him in rare company, further establishing him as the NFL’s top quarterback.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire