49ers' Raheem Mostert explains SB embrace with Chiefs' Damien Williams

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Shortly after the conclusion of the most important game of their lives, 49ers running back Raheem Mostert and Kansas City Chiefs running back Damien Williams shared a lengthy embrace. Given the stakes involved at Super Bowl LIV, it might have looked a bit odd to those who saw it, so Mostert wanted to set the record straight.

"[Williams] came up to me after the game, went down the tunnel and we talked and he was just like, 'Man, I'm so proud of you,'" Mostert said on a video filmed on his cell phone for "NFL at Home." "We've been through a lot. Both had the same journey, both being undrafted guys. I played with him in Miami and he was always overlooked. So was I, you know. That's why we had a great bond."

"I told him, 'Man, look, it's your moment. I hope you win MVP,'" Mostert added. "Because he played lights out."

As an undrafted rookie, Williams began his NFL career with the Dolphins in 2013. Mostert broke into the league the following year, and spent time with three different teams, including Miami. Though they didn't overlap for very long, the two backs managed to establish roots of a friendship that will last longer than their playing days.

"I was proud of him," Mostert continued. "I was so happy that he was able to get that championship ring. And as far as the jersey goes, yeah we swapped jerseys, but I eventually gave it back to him because I understood the importance of that jersey. He's gonna cherish that jersey for a long time. It was very important that we both got our jerseys back, but it was a great gesture by both of us that we swapped jerseys. ... That's just what happens when you love one another, man. That's my brother. I will do anything for him.

"And for me, that conversation will be an all-time favorite, for sure."

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The 49ers and Chiefs currently have the best odds to represent their respective conferences in Super Bowl LV.

If they both make it that far, surely Mostert wouldn't mind being the one on the winning side this time around.

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49ers' Raheem Mostert explains SB embrace with Chiefs' Damien Williams originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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