49ers lasso Cowboys, Bengals bust Bills en route to Championship Weekend I The Rush

NFL Championship Weekend is set with the 49ers taking on the Eagles in the NFC and the Chiefs hosting the Bengals in the AFC. Brock Purdy’s ‘Cinderella’ story continued as San Francisco overcame some offensive challenges with a strong defense that got the best of Dak Prescott and the Cowboys while Joe Burrow marched into snowy Buffalo and dismantled the Bills. Plus, the Bills Mafia gave a warm welcome to Damar Hamlin, who was on hand in Buffalo and Joe Burrow took a shot at the NFL after Cincinnati’s dominating performance in the divisional round.

Video Transcript


MINTY BETS: NFL championship weekend is all set you guys. And you know who's going to be there? Brock Purdy. The Cinderella story of the last pick in the 2022 NFL draft continued in the divisional round as the 49ers hosted the Dallas Cowboys. Now both teams were offensively challenged for much of the game. So San Francisco's two first half interceptions of Dak Prescott made an impact.

George Kittle gave us the wow moment of the game with this incredible catch, and later, passed the touchdown ball off to 49ers legend, Jerry Rice. The Cowboys are heading home while the Niners are traveling East to take on the Eagles for a trip to the Super Bowl.

Over in the AFC, the Bengals versus Bills game had a lot going for it like classic Buffalo weather and the emergence of snow burrow and this heartfelt moment with DeMar Hamlin at the stadium getting love from the crowd three weeks after suffering cardiac arrest during a game. One thing this match-up didn't have, though, competition.

The higher seeded Bills got absolutely smoked as the Bengals busted the home team in all three phases of the game.


Yo, the Bengals have not lost a game since Halloween.

- Ooh, that's spooky.

MINTY BETS: I'd be scared to face them. And that's just what the Kansas City Chiefs will do as we're going to get a rematch of last year's AFC Championship game. The Bengals beat the Chiefs in overtime last year. We'll see if history repeats itself next Sunday in Kansas City. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes reportedly has a high ankle sprain. But you can tell he's definitely got his head in the game with this tweet.

The Bengals were 5 and 1/2 point underdogs against the Bills. And now they're 1 and 1/2 point underdogs heading into the AFC title game in KC.

- Have you learned nothing?

MINTY BETS: No doubt this information will fire up an already toasty Joe Burrow. Enjoy this Monday motivation.

- Yesterday, just that chip on your shoulder. Everyone talking about a neutral AFC Championship game, not even thinking about guys. How much of that motivate you coming into this?

- Better send those refunds.