49ers fans are projected to outnumber Rams fans at SoFi Stadium on Sunday

It seems like every time the 49ers visit SoFi Stadium, their fans take over the Rams’ building. This weekend may not be much different.

According to a projection from Vivid Seats, the crowd at SoFi on Sunday is expected to be 64% 49ers fans and 36% Rams fans. It’s impossible to predict exactly what the split will be this weekend because there’s no definitive way to know which team each fan represents, but this is an indication that the 49ers’ takeover trend is likely to continue.

Last season in their October matchup, there was a heavy 49ers presence. The same went for their meeting in the NFC Championship Game two seasons ago, which was hosted by the Rams at SoFi Stadium.

Nick Bosa expects 49ers fans to take over SoFi Stadium once again this week after seeing the fanbase travel well to Pittsburgh in Week 1.

We’ll see what the crowd looks like this weekend but the Rams might want to work on their silent count in the next few days, knowing there will likely be a large presence of 49ers fans in attendance.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire