45 years ago: Herman Edwards and the Miracle at the Meadowlands happened

The date was Nov. 19, 1978. The New York Giants were about to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles at the Meadowlands.

About being the keyword.

The Giants were up 17-12 and set to spoil the Eagles’ hopes for a wild-card spot later in the season.

Rather than taking a knee as the clock ticked below 30 seconds, Joe Piscarcik attempted to hand off to Larry Csonka.

The exchange was botched — it never came close to happening.

Herman Edwards was on the spot and the DB grabbed the football and returned it for a touchdown.

Don Criqui was on the call for CBS, per Wikipedia

“It’s Giants football now, third and two. We thank our producer Bob Rowe, our director Jim Silman, and our CBS crew, spotter and statistician John Mara and Tom McHugh here at Giants Stadium. As the clock winds out on the Philadelphia Eagles, a game they thought would project them into a possible wildcard position, it would bring them 7–5 had they won, but a late interception by the Giants will preserve a Giant victory, an upset win as the Giants lead 17–12, we’re inside 30 seconds, the Eagles have no timeouts. [At this point, the snap and fumble take place.] Wait a minute… here’s a free fla- I don’t believe it! The Eagles pick it up and Herman Edwards runs it in for a touchdown! An incredible development!”

The Eagles won 19-17 and Pisarcik and the Giants became a page in NFL infamy.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire