45 guys dressed up as 'Magnum P.I.' got booted out of the Tigers game

Forty-five guys dressed up as “Magnum P.I.” during a bachelor party Saturday night and went to the Detroit Tigers game against the Chicago White Sox at Comerica Park. They wore Hawaiian shirts, Tigers caps and pressed-on mustaches. They even carried around a life-size cutout of Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum, the lead character from his popular ’80s private-detective drama.

Amazingly we haven’t even gotten to the oddest part of the story yet.

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The 45 Magnums were ejected from the game by stadium security, as the groom’s younger brother told the Detroit-adjacent News-Herald, because one of them was smoking and they were catcalling.

“I don’t know how that made us all guilty,” Tuccini told The News-Herald.

(Photo courtesy of Chris Tuccini, via The News-Herald)
(Photo courtesy of Chris Tuccini, via The News-Herald)

While we don’t think it’s right for us to speculate on whether the 45 Magnums deserved the ejection, we do have some questions about the entire excursion:

• Anybody else surprised that a Magnum P.I.-themed bachelor party was able to pull 45 dudes?

• What’s up with the guys who weren’t wearing red Hawaiian shirts? It’s a Magnum P.I.-themed party, bros. Go red or go home. You don’t show up in a green Ferrari. Maybe that’s why they were ejected.

• This is probably the most important question: Where do 45 Magnum P.I.’s go after they’ve been kicked out of a baseball game? You can’t just go home. We hope it’s the same bar Magnum met Tigers legends Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell in an episode of the show. It would only be proper.

• Where was Higgins? He wouldn’t have stood for this.

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