4 trade destinations for Dwayne Haskins after Week 7

Ryan Homler
·3 min read

4 trade destinations for Dwayne Haskins after Week 7 originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Through trade talks involving Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins, his standing on the depth chart shows that the second-year passer isn't quite in the team's plans.

With the NFL trade deadline a week away, a team in need of another option at the position -- whether it be for now or the future -- could pique Washington's interest with the right offer. But, are there any teams that could actually use Haskins?

Based on a couple of performances in Week 7 and how some teams are set up for the future, here's a look at a few possible trade destinations for the quarterback.

1. Chicago Bears

The Bears may be 5-2 but their offense is at the bottom of the league in almost every category. That isn't fully Nick Foles' fault, as playcalling and a poor offensive line make it challenging to get much done. Still, Foles has not looked great and has made some costly mistakes in big moments, and he most likely isn't the long-term answer. Based on how the beginning of the season went, Mitch Trubisky isn't either.

Chicago clearly has a problem at quarterback, among other things, and it's wasting an incredible defense. The problem is, they won't be able to draft a new passer for the future due to their current win total being more than the bottom teams will reach all year. If the Bears want a young option to evaluate for the future, Haskins could be a low-risk, high-reward move at the deadline.

2. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta continues to find new ways to lose, with the most recent being scoring a touchdown by accident. At 1-6, it feels like a blowup and rebuild could be coming, especially with the likes of Matt Ryan being an interesting deadline name as well. The quarterback has acknowledged that a change could happen, though he hopes to stay with the Falcons.

If the team really wants to move on and look ahead, Haskins is a solid young option to add to the roster. It would signify a new era, and even if Atlanta was able to be in a position to take a top passer in the draft, Haskins could serve as a backup with potential and the ability to compete for the job.

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3. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers Week 7 performance didn't make them more suitable for Haskins, they are 6-0 and Ben Roethlisberger looks back to full strength. However, they're on this list because the long-term fit seems like the best match.

At some point, Pittsburgh will need a new passer. Getting Haskins now for cheap would allow them to groom him and get him settled around a perfect supporting cast. The Steelers grabbing a QB at the deadline feels strange given their record, but this is a play for the future.

4. Dallas Cowboys

Andy Dalton is in concussion protocol, and though there's a chance he returns in the near future, there's no telling how long an injury of that nature can take to get over. That leaves Dallas with Ben DiNucci. 

Haskins may have struggled this year, but his skill level and ceiling are higher than what DiNucci has to offer. If the Cowboys feel like they need another passer and can't swing anyone else at the deadline, going after another NFC East quarterback shouldn't be out of the question.