4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Rule Out a Hotel Ballroom Wedding

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With the rise of non-traditional venues, like barns and beaches, many brides often forget the most traditional option for their wedding: a hotel. While the unique aspects of a warehouse wedding are great, there's just something about a hotel ballroom that screams elegance.

Plus, hosting your wedding at a hotel has tons of added perks—we explain a few here.

Jana Williams PhotographyDISCOUNTS

Many hotels will offer brides and grooms room discounts if they also host their wedding there. Look at the venue first (the ballroom is more important than the guest room!) and when you find one you love, ask the wedding coordinator about special rates and discounts—your guests will appreciate the help to their wallets and you'll be happy knowing you scored a great deal without giving up any charm.


Picture this: choosing a hotel ballroom wedding means you can instantly cross off transportation from your to-do list. When guests are able to simply walk (without leaving the hotel!), it makes your life, and theirs, much easier. You can also plan a rehearsal dinner, after-party, and morning after-brunch all in the same space. It keeps everyone together throughout the entire weekend and makes planning that much easier.

Elizabeth Nord PhotographyEVERYTHING ON SITE

Something many brides don't think about when planning a wedding on a beach or in a barn are the rentals. Most of these venues don't come with their own amenities. This means you have to rent your own chairs, tables, chuppahs, generators, and anything else you may want or need for your wedding day. When you opt for a hotel wedding, the majority of these things will already be on site for you.

Plus, many offer brides and grooms the option to customize or upgrade, giving you just as many options without the added headache.

Olivia Leigh PhotographieBACKDROP

You know that feeling when you step into a beautiful hotel room during a vacation or weekend away? You instantly feel special—the same way all couples want to feel on their wedding day. Take that feeling and run with it with a hotel wedding. With many ballrooms already decked out with gorgeous chandeliers, elegantly printed walls, and upscale furniture, you can have a gorgeous backdrop without all the money it takes to make one yourself.

And quite possibly the best part of a hotel wedding? As soon as it's over, you and your new spouse can simply ride the elevator up to post-wedding bliss—a short and easy trip to married life.

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