This $4 home decor hack is the secret to modern patterned walls

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If you have $4 and a knack for DIYs,

you can do this easy decor hack.

A genius viral TikTok is making the rounds,

giving people a new way to decorate their

walls without wallpaper or paint.

The simple, removable trick will leave you

with a luxe home look for mere pennies.

The tutorial in question, created by TikTok

user @gabbydancerwoodle, shows her

personal wall decor, which is an

arrow-like black and white pattern.

As she explains in the TikTok, Gabby actually

created the “wallpaper” using electrical tape.

She simply marked out a pattern, cut the

tape and placed down the pieces at an angle.

The TikTok has been ‘liked’ more than 109,000 times,

providing an inexpensive way to decorate a wall.

Plus, electrical tape is easy to remove and won’t

damage your walls, making it perfect for a temporary

look and super easy to fix if you mess up.

A roll of vinyl electrical tape is less than

$4 at retailers like Home Depot, making the

decor hack super budget-friendly.

And while you may only be used to black

electrical tape, brands actually sell vinyl tape

in every color of the rainbow. Finding a shade to

match your home decor is virtually guaranteed.

As long as the pattern you choose is

created using lines, you can recreate

it with electrical tape on your wall.

If you need inspiration on what sort of

line-based patterns to create, check

out these wallpaper patterns.

These options are also removable, meaning

they won’t damage your walls if you want

to spend more for less of a DIY.

La Paz Wallpaper.

Geo Mosaic Wallpaper.

Velocity Wallpaper.

Farrow & Ball Enigma Wallpaper.

Farrow & Ball Closet

Stripe Wallpaper in Navy.

Geo Removable Wallpaper.

Wonky Grid Removable Wallpaper.

Retro Stripe Removable Wallpaper

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