3B Barons set for new season

May 30—The 3B Barons are getting ready to hit the diamond.

"We're growing," 3B Barons coach Eric J. Francis said. "We're making more of a local presence so people are expecting us now."

The 3B Barons baseball team has its game of 2024 on Friday. They will take on Tri-State Collegiate League (Rust Belt League) rivals, the Butler Blue Sox, at 7 p.m. at Butler's Pullman Park.

"It's starting to become an opening-day ritual between us," Francis said on facing Butler. "We usually have very competitive lineups. The players know each other and actually play on the same college teams. That adds an extra element of competitiveness. We have a healthy rivalry. This is the third year in a row opening up with them. We were home last year and this year we are away. Butler's a great team."

The 3B Barons are a collegiate league team that is affiliated with the National Adult Baseball Association (NABA) and have numerous Lawrence County natives on the team.

The 3B Barons will host a doubleheader against the DuBois Bucks on Sunday at Flaherty Field. The ceremonial first pitch will be thrown by New Castle Mayor, Mark Elisco.

This is the 3B Barons' third season in the Rust Belt League after forming in 2022. Francis said he is slowly building on the organization year by year.

"It's like each year I chip away at a big project," he said. "Those first two years have allowed me to figure out the crux of having a baseball organization."

Aside from being a summer collegiate league, the 3B Barons and Francis also give lessons to players.

"Ethan Bintrim was my first lesson and he was my first player I called to be on the Barons," Francis said. "It's so surreal to me."