36 Unique Places To Get Hitched In Vegas, Ranging From The Bizarre To The Extravagant

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The concept of "getting married in Vegas" certainly isn't anything new. From Elvis impersonators as officiants, to drunken same-day decisions, getting hitched in Sin City is often viewed as a mixture of delightfully kitschy, spontaneous, and romantic in its own unique way.

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In addition to being an over-the-top location to tie the knot, Las Vegas is also in one of the few states where you can get a same-day marriage license — Nevada. In combination with the highly encouraged drinking and partying, you can probably see how Vegas weddings have become such a "thing."

But if you're anything like me — well, me yesterday before I started researching this article — you probably think that the cute but kitschy chapels, and Elvis officiants, are pretty much the only options in that wild city.

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As I looked into whether or not that was true, I was quite surprised to find that there are some unbelievably unique, glamorous, niche, insane, and, at times, pricey wedding venue options in Las Vegas.

From elitely private helicopter ceremonies, to a handful of the most well-known landmarks in the area, the list of interesting places to get married in Vegas is much longer than you might think.

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Without further ado, let's take a closer look at 36 of the coolest places I stumbled upon.

1.The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, a light-colored historical building surrounded by palm trees, on a sunny day

Almost exactly what it sounds like, and nothing like you would ever expect at the same time, The Mob Museum is one of Las Vegas's most popular tourist destinations. According to their website, they are "a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to advance the public understanding of organized crime’s history and impact on American society." But while you might think this venue is only suited for couples obsessed with The Godfather, The Mob Museum offers a slew of varying wedding packages for different couple styles.

With the most affordable package starting at $600 (The Million Dollar Wedding) for up to four guests, and the most expensive being $16,950–$17,950 (The Vintage Vegas Wedding) for 60 guests, there's something for every kind of couple looking to get hitched while surrounded by many unique aspects of American crime history, glamour, and prohibition.

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2.The Titanic Staircase

3.The Flagship Taco Bell Location

4.The High Roller Ferris Wheel

5.The Pinball Hall Of Fame

6.The Neon Museum

7.Planet 13 Cannabis Dispensary

A newly-married couple poses in front of the Planet 13 Las Vegas sign with the groom holding his new bride in the air

The newly offered wedding packages at Planet 13 Las Vegas, the largest dispensary IN THE WORLD, were actually what got me interested in finding other unique wedding venues in Vegas in the first place. As someone who has always imagined having a cannabis bar at my own wedding, I'm willing to bet this cannabis wedding venue is many tokers' idea of a dream nuptials location.

While Nevada is working on setting up consumption lounges, one thing to be very clear about is that no one can actually consume cannabis during the wedding ceremony, and you can't incorporate it in the ceremony. While I assume that latter piece means you can't use pot leaves to accentuate your bouquet (RIP), Planet 13 VP of Sales and Marketing David Farris spoke with Cannabis Business Times to explain the regulations further. “We don’t want to do anything that puts licenses in jeopardy or creates any larger-scale issues,” he said. “So, we’re very by the book and strict in that way.”

The company hopes to expand its offerings moving forward, but for now, they offer a few different packages ranging from super low-key to super extravagant.

Courtesy of Planet 13

8.Twilight Zone Or KISS-Themed Mini-Golf Courses

9.Aboard A Romantic Gondola At The Venetian

10.The Eiffel Tower Restaurant

11.Aboard A Maverick Helicopter

12.Wolfgang Puck Restuarants

13.The STRAT SkyPod

14.The Shark Reef Aquarium At Mandalay Bay


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For the breakfast lovers who have fallen in love, Denny's on Fremont St. in Las Vegas is the perfect place to get hitched. According to their website, the $199 package includes:

- Use of the chapel

- Silk presentation bouquet & boutonniere Available in red, white, pink or yellow

- Wedding Pancake Puppies® cake

- Champagne toast

- Two wedding T-shirts

- Two Original Grand Slams® - (good for your next visit)

While it may seem odd to some, Denny's is a lovely, low-key, and low-cost wedding venue option. Apparently, they perform about 25 weddings per year at their Vegas location!

16.The Big Apple Coaster

17.The Smith Center For Performing Arts

18.The Grove

19.The Graceland Wedding Chapel

20.Paiute Golf Resort

21.Mandalay Bay Beach

22.Penthouses At The Nobu Hotel At Caeser's Palace

23.The Little White Wedding Chapel

24.The Las Vegas Motor Speedway

25.The Bellagio Fountains

26.Keep The Memory Alive Event Center

27.The Chandelier Lounge At The Cosmopolitan

28.Aboard The Song Ship At Treasure Island

29.The Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

30.The Minus5° Ice Lounge at Mandalay Bay

31.Rainbow Gardens

32.Love It Loud

33.The Silverton Hotel & Casino's 117,000-Gallon Aquarium Tank

34.The Little Church Of The West

35.The ARIA Resort & Casino

36.The Iconic Las Vegas Welcome Sign

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There are a number of chapels that offer ceremonies in front of the famous Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign, located at the south end of the strip. From The Little Church Of The West, to the countless other chapel options, you can customize this iconic option by choosing the chapel that speaks to you the most.

If you're seeking a simplistic, stress-free Vegas wedding, getting hitched outdoors in front of the sign makes for an easy day and iconic wedding photos.