All 32 teams ranked by capital in the 2024 NFL draft, including the Dolphins

A few decades ago, Jimmy Johnson came up a revolutionary concept: a trade value chart that assigned a worth to every pick in the NFL draft. Want to trade up from No. 21 to No. 16 in the first round? Well, that’s about a 200-point difference, which is roughly equal to a third round pick.

Now every team uses a revised trade value chart of its own, which — according to Bill Belichick — is more or less the same as every other team’s. While those aren’t made public, Pats Pulpit writer Rich Hill did a little math to come up with a chart that seems to pretty accurately reflect the value teams place on their picks in today’s NFL.

So with compensatory picks awarded and the full 2024 NFL draft order now set, how much capital is every team working with? Here’s how all 32 teams rank in points on Hill’s chart:

Story originally appeared on Dolphins Wire