3 Reasons You Should Be Using Instagram Stories for Your Biz

Melissa Baran
Style Me Pretty

Have you been slow to hop on the Instagram Stories train? Sure, the idea of talking aloud to your followers or sharing your 'in the moment' might seem intimidating and pointless—but it actually provides a few perks that, especially as a business owner, are worth taking the plunge. Read below, and get ready for that colorful ring to surround your profile pic on a regular basis!

Not Everything Should Go on Your Feed

Stories allow you to keep your feed on brand while giving your followers the opportunity to see not-so-pretty (but totally addicting) behind the scenes! Maybe you're a wedding photographer sharing sneak peeks of a golden hour e-sesh. Prospective couples can get a feel for what to expect!

Keep 'em Coming Back

The ephemeral aspect of stories keeps your followers coming back for more. They know they can go to your feed anytime they'd like but if they want those juicy behind the scenes details, they'll likely be repeat story watchers on the daily.

Increases Interaction

With the ability to direct message from stories, you'll find yourself having a lot more conversation and interaction with your followers. So, ask them questions! If you're a blogger, ask them for new series ideas. If you're an event stylist, take a vote on which color linens to use for your next project. Show your audience that their opinion matters to you.


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