3-year-old channels Leslie Jordan during mom’s messy manicure: ‘I can’t stop laughing’

A little girl is being praised for her comedic chops during a manicure with her mommy.

The TikTok page @addytok2022 is all about 3-year-old Addy Catron and her mom Kayla. The bite-sized bundle of energy is known for her big personality. Now, thanks to a viral video, she’s being compared to the late comedic actor Leslie Jordan.

In the clip, Addy painted Kayla’s nails hot pink. Now, of course, she was doing as good a job as you would expect from a toddler.

“Oops, you got it on my finger,” Kayla told her.

“I’m trying my best, honeeeeey!” Adaline exclaimed.

The funny moment racked up 8.7 million views and 1.3 million on TikTok.

“She reminds me of the actor Leslie Jordan. Sounds exactly how he would have said that,” a user said.

“Between that personality smile, she melts hearts by the minute. Such a beautiful soul. She makes the whole world small,” a person commented.

“I can’t stop laughing!! When my youngest was small she always wanted to do my toes!!! About the same quality job!” another wrote.

“Honestly a better manicure than I give myself! I am trying my best too!” a TikToker replied.

“I’ve taken over her motto! I’ve been saying that all day to everyone! Can I book an appointment to get my nails done?” someone added.

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