3 mistakes Charles Barkley made while interviewing Gregg Popovich during Heat-Spurs (VIDEO)

1. Suggesting that Gregg Popovich would be "happy with the play, so far in the game, from the guys coming off [his] bench." C'mon, Chuck. If you're going to step into the shoes of TNT sideline reporters Craig Sager and David Aldridge, you've got be aware: "Happy" is not a word that we think about in the game. You gotta think of something different. Pop doesn't know how to judge "happy." He's in the middle of a contest; nobody's "happy."

2. Following up with a yes-or-no question. That's Journalism 101, Charles. The San Antonio Spurs coach has proven time and again that he's looking to get out of these between-quarters interviews as quickly, and with as few words, as possible. Typically, giving Pop that kind of easy binary out is a one-way to Not Getting Any Informationville, and that is a Facebook game nobody wants to play. It's a good thing you're a Hall of Famer that Pop says he loves and not a dude wearing a peach suit with sky blue pants and cream shoes or whatever; otherwise, he'd have told you bupkis.

3. Asking Pop to identify the one guy who — Stop right there. You only get two. Way to get "My bad" into the between-quarters chat, though; here's hoping Sager starts breaking that out on the reg.

Thanks to our friends at the Yahoo! Sports Minute for capturing the chat. If the clip above isn't rocking for you, feel free to check out the between-quarters talk elsewhere, thanks to GDSeasonClips.