Here’s 3 minutes of Jamal Crawford making Seattle Pro-Am defenders look silly (Video)

Labor Day has come to mark the unofficial, symbolic end of summer here in the U.S., that one last bastion of barbecue and blank-slate pants before kids go back to school, adults go back to regularly scheduled work-weeks — by the way, speaking of Monday's holiday: thanks for "the weekend," Labor Movement! — and all those associated with the NBA go back to getting ready for training camps and the start of the season ahead. But summer — or, at least, the spirit of summertime basketball, with all its warts and wonders — doesn't have to end just yet if we don't want it to; we still have the option of pushing play, kicking back and starting our Tuesday mornings by watching Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford spend three minutes putting dudes on skates at the Seattle Summer Pro-Am League:

I'm not sure if Crawford has the best handle in the NBA — there's a young point guard in Cleveland who'd have something to say about that, and Jamal's got a pretty famous teammate who might beg to differ, too — but there's something so sudden, unpredictable and fluid about Crawford's movements, especially at 6-foot-6 with those long arms, that makes his control feel all the more remarkable to watch. And if you don't believe me, ask any of those dudes in the opponents' jerseys — just trail the play by a few seconds and you should be able to catch up with them. Jamal Crawford's handle: Like summer in a bottle.

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