27 Hilarious Photos That Will Make Even The Grumpiest S.O.B. Laugh Like They're Three Drinks In

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There are a lot of depressing, stressful, and just plain upsetting things going on in the world.


So for a minute let's forget all that and just look at some funny stuff, OK? Here we go!

1. First, I think we can all agree this is one unfortunate place for a wasp nest:

2. Also school's out, so kids have a LOT of time do weird and hilarious stuff — like this 10-year-old who runs a yoga studio for Barbies:

3. It's so hot in Texas right now that Chick-fil-A has their employees looking like Sith Lords:

4. Oh, and if you're going to the beach this summer, make sure you can trust whoever puts on your sunscreen:

5. This time of year also means summer concerts — which are a blast — but can you believe she wore this?!

6. Check out this celebrity sighting! Bert from Sesame Street:

7.Some jokester moved this sign from the kitchen to the bathroom where it took on a whole other meaning:

sign says, you only live once, lick the bowl
u/throwaway_ghast / Via reddit.com

8. This cheeky husband added the pièce de résistance to his wife's Paris-themed bedroom:

9. And this loving wife and mom worked really hard on this Harry Potter broom cake so please, no one tell her what it looks like:

10.This is unfortunate for this gent, but I'm sorry, I laughed:

  u/Seandouglasmcardle / Via reddit.com
u/Seandouglasmcardle / Via reddit.com

11. This poor gent was having a bad day, too:

12. And this mom was also having a hilariously bad day — her 4-year-old drew these of her naked:

13. Imagine the double take you'd do if you saw this guy get in line at the hardware store:

14. This "last day of work" cake is from my kind of people:

15. Speaking of funny things that happen at work, this person made an obituary for the break room microwave:

16. And these people, I guess, just didn't know what the heck they were doing:

17. This husband tried to cook, and, uh, well:

18. But let's not just beat up on husbands...cooking can be a challenge for everyone:

19. Even cleaning AFTER cooking can be a challenge:

20. Man, that inflation just keeps getting worse:

21. These parents' notes to their son on his graduation day couldn't have been more different, lol:

22. This person REALLY doesn't want a ticket:

23. You know what's good for a laugh? A truly great sign outside a business:

24. Here's another good one:

25. And another, which is VERY of the moment:

26. Damn, that is one heavy traffic cone:

27. And lastly, this supermarket is playing chess while the rest of us are playing checkers: