$25K donors can buy beer at Georgia football games, but they can't watch the games while drinking

ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 24: A general view of Sanford Stadium during the game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on November 24, 2018 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
If you want to buy a beer at a Georgia game in 2019 you can't drink and watch the game at the same time. (Getty Images)

A select few people will be able to buy beer at Georgia football games. But it really doesn’t seem like an enticing idea.

Donors in Georgia’s Magill Society who commit to donating $25,000 over five years will have the opportunity to buy alcohol at Sanford Stadium in 2019 with a really, really, really big catch.

The alcohol can’t be consumed while watching the game because of the SEC’s current rules regarding alcohol sales. Yes. Really. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

To be a member of the Magill Society, one must agree to donate at least $25,000 to the UGA Athletic Association over a five-year period. The Magill members must consume the alcohol in the designated area and cannot carry it back to their seats. They’ll be unable to view the game from the serving area.

Given this setup, you could get to the game early to buy an overpriced beer, but you could also stay as long as possible at a tailgate and drink beer you purchased from a store (or better yet, beer that someone else purchased) before making your way into the stadium. We all know the latter option sounds more appealing.

Halftime beers sound like a good idea too, until you realize that there’s a decent chance you could stand in line for most of halftime before rushing to drink your beer before the third quarter begins. Sure, people could dally around when Georgia plays Murray State on Sept. 7, but who’s going to want to miss any part of Georgia’s game vs. Notre Dame on Sept. 21 to drink a beer?

Beer and wine are very good but they’re not this good.

SEC looking at allowing widespread alcohol sales

Georgia’s high-dollar donor alcohol setup could quickly end up being irrelevant anyway. The SEC’s schools could vote at the spring meetings this week to allow alcohol sales throughout league stadiums and arenas as more and more schools move to sell alcohol at their sporting events.

From Sports Illustrated:

Beer is available in SEC stadiums, but only in areas denoted as premium seating. The SEC bylaw restricts alcohol sales to private, controlled areas. Many SEC administrators feel the decision to sell alcohol throughout the stadium should be left up to the individual schools, but the policy can only change through a majority vote of the 14 league presidents and chancellors. There has never been an official vote, nor has there even been a proposal or motion by a league school for such a vote, according to those involved in the discussions over the years.

Texas made millions of dollars in revenue on alcohol sales in the first two years since it started selling booze in 2015 and it reasons that at least some, if not most of the schools in the SEC would have similar alcohol revenue figures if widespread sales are approved.

Alcohol is already served at SEC championships, so there’s already a small precedent in place. If there’s really a push to get the rule banning widespread sales overturned, it needs to happen soon. The meetings end on Friday.

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