247Sports projects Cade Klubnik and Garrett Riley to become household names in 2024

The 2024 college football season could be a huge one for the Clemson football program, but for that to happen, the Tigers offense will need to take the next step and return to its former standing as one of the best offensive units in the country.

Clemson has the tools to make it happen. These pieces have to put it all together, show that the talent is there, and execute on the field. As we’ve seen of late with the Tigers’ offense, this is easier said than done. 

Two people in the program, in particular, will make or break Clemson’s season on the offensive side of the ball. That is starting quarterback Cade Klubnik and offensive coordinator Garrett Riley. According to 247Sports, these are two people in the world of college football that will become household names in 2024.

You’ve got a question lingering right now in both the ACC collectively and Clemson specifically about whether this is FSU’s conference now, or whether last year was sort of a blip on the radar screen but maybe Clemson can still restore order… If Garrett Riley in year two doesn’t continue to have a significant uptick in offensive production, ifCade Klubnik cannot play up to what we believe is his full potential and Clemson is again hitting that under… it’s probably due in large part to them not separating enough and not being able to pull away in games against teams that are inferior roster-wise.

If Clemson’s offense begins to click once again, these two will be at the forefront of that return to glory. We’ve spoken a lot about potential over the last few seasons, which will again be a big discussion point over this offseason.

Look out for this Clemson offense in 2024 with many doubters. The Tigers have historically been great as underdogs during the Dabo Swinney era.

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire