24-karat-gold ice cream is pure magic

Sweet Spot

Bruno Mars isn’t the only one who has a thing for “24K Magic.” There’s a new Instagram-worthy dessert that’s quickly becoming a social media hit — Hello, 24-karat-gold ice cream!

The fancy dessert (it’s gold, after all) is making its appearance at Snowopolis in Anaheim, Calif. Here’s the scoop on how it’s made: A waffle cone is sprayed with 24-karat gold dust, filled with vanilla soft serve, and coated with 24-karat-gold leaves. Before you think about passing up on this beauty, know that the dessert is totally edible.

It’s not made from the same gold you find in your necklace or grill (DJ Khaled, we’re looking at you). At $14.95, you can call this a splurge — but remember, it’s all for the ’gram. To sweeten the deal, Snowopolis is walking distance from Disneyland. The road to golden bliss just keeps getting better.

And 24-karat-gold ice cream is available now, but only while supplies last.

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