23 Unique Gifts For Your Wife That Don’t Totally Suck


Finding the rightholiday giftfor your wife can be stressful. Everything’s either too cheesy, too pricey or just plain boring. 

That’s why we’ve gathered 23 unconventional gift ideas that are sure to delight the smart, hot and hilarious lady in your life.

'Good At Naps' Throw Blanket

<i>Buy it from <span>Urban Outfitters</span> for&amp;nbsp;$108.</i>
Buy it from Urban Outfitters for&nbsp;$108.

"I F**cking Love You" Coffee Mug

<i>Buy it from <span>TheCritterNest on Etsy</span>&amp;nbsp;for&amp;nbsp;$13.50+.</i>
Buy it from TheCritterNest on Etsy&nbsp;for&nbsp;$13.50+.

"If You Can Read This" Wine Socks

<i>Buy them from <span>EllaBellaBoutiqueOK on Etsy</span>&amp;nbsp;for $10.99+.</i>
Buy them from EllaBellaBoutiqueOK on Etsy&nbsp;for $10.99+.

The Five-Minute Journal

<i>Buy it from <span>Urban Outfitters</span> for&amp;nbsp;$24.95.</i>
Buy it from Urban Outfitters for&nbsp;$24.95.

DIY Mix & Match Felt Letter Board

<i>Buy it from <span>Nordstrom</span> for&amp;nbsp;$60.</i>
Buy it from Nordstrom for&nbsp;$60.

Jewelry Storage Hanging Mirror

<i>Buy it from <span>Urban Outfitters</span> for&amp;nbsp;$29.</i>
Buy it from Urban Outfitters for&nbsp;$29.

Furry Sloth Pillow

<i>Buy it from <span>Urban Outfitters</span> for&amp;nbsp;$49.</i>
Buy it from Urban Outfitters for&nbsp;$49.

Teak Bathtub Caddy

<i>Buy it from <span>Bed Bath &amp;amp; Beyond </span>for&amp;nbsp;$39.99.</i>
Buy it from Bed Bath &amp; Beyond for&nbsp;$39.99.

Wonder Woman Bathrobe

<i>Buy it from <span>Customized Girl</span>&amp;nbsp;for&amp;nbsp;$38.97.</i>
Buy it from Customized Girl&nbsp;for&nbsp;$38.97.

'Because Family' Flask

<i>Buy it from <span>Madewell</span> for&amp;nbsp;$30.</i>
Buy it from Madewell for&nbsp;$30.

Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

<i>Buy it from <span>W&amp;amp;P Design</span>&amp;nbsp;for&amp;nbsp;$45.</i>
Buy it from W&amp;P Design&nbsp;for&nbsp;$45.

Marble & Acacia Pineapple Cheese Board

<i>Buy it from <span>Anthropologie</span> for&amp;nbsp;$68.</i>
Buy it from Anthropologie for&nbsp;$68.

Scratch-Off Travel Map

<i>Buy it from <span>Mappinners on Etsy</span>&amp;nbsp;for&amp;nbsp;$35.10.</i>
Buy it from Mappinners on Etsy&nbsp;for&nbsp;$35.10.

'Believe The Hype' Cosmetics Case

<i>Buy it from <span>Bloomingdale's</span>&amp;nbsp;for $28.</i>
Buy it from Bloomingdale's&nbsp;for $28.

Custom coordinates necklace

<i>Buy it from <span>Ziime on&amp;nbsp;Etsy&amp;nbsp;</span>for $29+.&amp;nbsp;</i>
Buy it from Ziime on&nbsp;Etsy&nbsp;for $29+.&nbsp;

Doughnut-Print Jersey Pajamas

<i>Buy the full set from <span>Victoria's Secret</span> for $57.90 (<span>top</span> and <span>bottom</span> sold separately).&amp;nbsp;</i>
Buy the full set from Victoria's Secret for $57.90 (top and bottom sold separately).&nbsp;

Alabaster Stone Bookends

<i>Buy them from <span>West Elm</span> for $79 for a set of two.&amp;nbsp;</i>
Buy them from West Elm for $79 for a set of two.&nbsp;

Dino Tote Bag

<i>Buy it from <span>Bloomingdale's</span> for&amp;nbsp;$75.</i>
Buy it from Bloomingdale's for&nbsp;$75.

Night Sky Lowball Whiskey Glasses

<i>Buy them from <span>CognitiveSurplus on Etsy</span>&amp;nbsp;for&amp;nbsp;$29.99 for a set of two.&amp;nbsp;</i>
Buy them from CognitiveSurplus on Etsy&nbsp;for&nbsp;$29.99 for a set of two.&nbsp;

"Indoorsy" Sweatshirt

<i>Buy it from <span>Nordstrom</span> for&amp;nbsp;$98.</i>
Buy it from Nordstrom for&nbsp;$98.

Lunchbox With Modular Food Storage Containers

<i>Buy it from <span>Prepd</span> for&amp;nbsp;$69.</i>
Buy it from Prepd for&nbsp;$69.

Inspired Women Desk Signs

<i>Buy them from <span>Uncommon Goods</span> for&amp;nbsp;$28 each.&amp;nbsp;</i>
Buy them from Uncommon Goods for&nbsp;$28 each.&nbsp;

'I Did My Best' Gym Bag

<i>Buy it from <span>Bloomingdale's</span> for $35.</i>
Buy it from Bloomingdale's for $35.

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