2024 All-State Team shines with Dickinson's elite five gymnasts

Mar. 21—DICKINSON — Dickinson's dominance in gymnastics remains undisputed, as the team clinched their ninth consecutive state title. This remarkable achievement is highlighted by the inclusion of five gymnasts on the 2024 All-State teams: Rylee Olson, Elizabeth Karsky, Aspen Roadarmel, Reygan Strommen, and Brooklyn Wariner.

Casey Berry, the celebrated Coach of the Year and Dickinson's coach, reflected on the season as memorable, praising her gymnasts' exceptional efforts and the fun they experienced. Berry took pride in her gymnasts' recognition, emphasizing that coaches from other teams vote for the All-State team selections.

Rylee Olson, marking her second year on the first team and named Senior Athlete of the Year, has demonstrated leadership and skill as an All-Stater for Dickinson since her freshman year.

Elizabeth Karsky, despite being a freshman, earned her third consecutive first team All-State selection. Her vault proficiency stood out, but her first-place finish in the all-around state team competition and her tie for first place with teammate Aspen Roadarmel in the individual tournament secured her acclaim.

Aspen Roadarmel transitioned from the second team to the first team this year, illustrating her athletic and leadership growth. Her determination throughout the season led to achieving her goals while fostering a strong team spirit.

"It was a great achievement for me and I was really proud of myself," said Roadarmel. "It was a goal of mine from last year, because I knew I was capable of way more than the second team. I knew that I had to put in good work, I knew that I had to go above and beyond and that is exactly what I did."

Reygan Strommen and Brooklyn Wariner, named to the second team after finishing third and fourth, respectively, at the state individual tournament all-around, emphasized the significance of team recognition and the drive for future achievements.

Strommen highlighted the value of teamwork and shared success, noting that recognition alongside teammates enhances the honor.

"It feels good to know I performed my best and was recognized for two years in a row and to be up there with the rest of my teammates that are all so good," Strommen said. "I think this year I learned that hard work is the most important thing for improvement. You can be talented, but you stay the same if you don't push yourself. Because in gymnastics you are really just competing against yourself."

As the team looks to the future, their focus remains on refining their routines and maintaining the high standards they've set. With the majority of the team returning next season, the legacy of Dickinson's gymnastics dynasty is poised to continue, anchored by a profound commitment to excellence, teamwork, and personal development.