2024 softball preview capsules

Apr. 15—: Shawn Prokey (second year); assistant: Cortney Sirois (first year)

East/West; D

15-3, reached D South semifinals.

Seniors — Addison Stevens-Belanger (CF), Lillian Sharples (P/OF); Juniors — Brittany Carrier (2B/P), Cora Brewster (3B), Carmen Crockett (P/1B), Amelia Hill (C/SS), Cori Merrill (1B/UTL), Kallista Sterns (OF/1B); Sophomores — Chloee Bennett (C/OF), Emma Hooper (OF/1B), Alyssa Breton (OF/1B).

Emma Stevens-Belanger, Abigail Prokey.

Senior — Emily Tilton (OF), Freshman — Sophie St. Pierre (IF/OF).

The Bucks return a strong core of experienced players and have added a few talented newcomers. "We are looking forward to another great season," second-year coach Shawn Prokey said.

Scott Robbins (second year)

Mountain Valley; C

10-8; reached C South quarterfinals.

Senior — Jaycie Holmquist (1B/OF); Juniors — Emily Woods (CF), Layla Merrill (LF), Alyssa Ellis (RF); Sophomores — Lana Waite (P/3B), Nikole Turnbull (SS).

Grace Robbins (P), Kallie Errington (C), Alivia Ellis (1B), Emma MacFarlane (2B), Jayce Brophy (LF), Emma Hebert (DH).

Juniors — Aleiah Ward (P/C/3B), Hannah Hamner (3B), Skylar O'Connor (OF); Sophomores — Keira Reny (IF/OF), Kaitlynn Scott (IF/OF); Freshmen — Abby Luczynski (2B), Xandria Libby (C), Emma Chapman (P).

Second-year coach Scott Robbins notes that the Cougars are a young team in competitive Mountain Valley Conference this season. They do feature some solid returning players and young players who Robbins said are ready for the challenge. "We hope to be in the mix again for a playoff spot," he added.

Elaine Derosby (20th year)


8-9, reached A North quarterfinals.

Seniors — Tiana Avila (IF), Emily Horton (IF), Izzy Jalbert (C/IF), Leah Thibodeau (OF/P); Juniors — Alexis Kelsea (OF), Kassidy Lobb (OF/P); Sophomores — Nellie Feeney (OF), Kylee Lebrun (IF).

Kayla Blanchard, Erin Cowie, Amanda Raymond, Madisyn Scott.

Naomi Valcin, Mackenzie Grenier, Payton Newson, Trinity Antoine, Lauren Bolduc, Chloe LeBlanc, Allie Michaud.

The Red Eddies return a solid core of players with extensive varsity experience. That, Derosby said, combined with new players who have "solid skills and knowledge, and we should be in the hunt for a playoff spot." Edward Little has been working hard heading into the season knowing it will be facing tough competition throughout the spring.

Gene Keene (second year)

Western Maine; B


Seniors — Maisie Lerette (P/C/IF), Mackenzie Gervais (C/OF); Sophomores — Emily Carroll (P/IF), Audrey Getchell (P/OF), Piper Aube (IF/OF), Novinha Comtois (C/OF), Ryenne Grant (IF).

Skye Chandler, Caitlin Taylor, Heather Nevells, Candace Norris, Ashley Lang.

Sophomores — Briella Beers (IF/OF), Ely Thacker (IF/OF); Freshmen — Destiny Ayers (IF), Valerie Farrar (IF)

The Patriots are extremely young, with only two seniors on the roster. Keene said their success will be determined by the leadership of the seniors and a strong commitment to growth by the younger players. "During preseason workouts, the group has embraced that commitment-to-growth philosophy and have been working hard to improve on a daily basis," he added.

Kevin Leonard (10th year)


12-6, reached B South quarterfinals.

Seniors — Emily Poland (C), Madison Dutil (OF), Nola Boutaugh (SS/3B), Madison Anderson (C/OF), Sam Deblois (1B/P), Abby Albert (P), Kylee Spugnardi (OF), Emma Fogg (OF/2B), Ashlee Roberts (OF); Juniors — Hailey Turcotte (P/2B), Ashlyn Holbrook (C/IF); Sophomores — Hailey Cyr (P/1B), Jordan Boulay (3B/SS).

Lily Chabot, Sam Withee, Logan Arsenault.

Junior — Kaylee Tremblay (P/3B); Sophomores — Gabby Smith (IF/OF), Brooke Boutaugh (IF), Leah Johnson (C/1B).

The Hornets are a determined bunch loaded with experience: most of the nine seniors are in their fourth season of varsity softball. They also are loaded with pitching, including Abby Albert, Hailey Cyr and Hailey Turcotte. "Team goal is to make the playoffs and see what or where we go," coach Kevin Leonard said.

Ryan Cormier (sixth year)



Seniors — Aubrey Peer (C/SS), Skyla Webb (OF), Jersey Cunningham (OF); Juniors — Ava Dionne (P/2B), Aubrey Wood (OF); Sophomores — Irelyn Ackley (IF), Isabella Enos (OF), Juliet Philippon (IF), Ava Marquis (IF/OF), Maija Raymond (P/IF), Shelby Vallee (P/IF).

Elissa Nadeau, Reese Maynard.

Sophomore — Klara Cloutier (P/IF); Freshmen — Ava Grenier (C/OF), Chloe Junkins (OF), Mackenzie Bryant (1B/OF).

Season outlook: The upperclassmen will be relied on to lead the young Blue Devils as they try to build off of last year. "Our focus this year will be to take what we learned last season, simplify the game even more, and use that experience to grow as a program," coach Ryan Cormier said. Several young players who gained valuable experience last year will be counted on to fill key spots in the lineup.

Nikki Delcourt (fourth year)

Mountain Valley; C

4-13, reached C South preliminary round.

Seniors — Elle Burkhardt (2B), Marina Davis (LF), Alivia Field (CF); Juniors — Brook Norman (SS), Mackenzie Theriault (OF); Sophomores — Sophia Bowie (C), Amelia Harvey (P/UTL), Ava Kottman (P/3B), Aubrianna Bright (OF/UTL), Payton Hoyle (C/1B), Bella Lukeski (UTL).

Maria Levesque, Emily Libby.

Freshmen — Aaliyah Bickford (P/1B), Emma Bourgoin (P/1B), Bella Pomerleau (3B).

The Greyhounds have shown significant growth over the past three seasons as they've focused on building a strong culture, but with a full roster this season, coach Nikki Delcourt said they are "poised and ready for a dynamic season both on the field and at the plate." Heavy hitters Kottman (.487 last year) and Bowie (.459) will be offensive leaders again this season, along with Field, Norman and Burkhardt. Kottman and Harvey bring experience to the pitching circle.

Dave Kaplan (11th year)

Mountain Valley; C

17-2, reached C South final.

Seniors — Madi Herr (2B), June Foyt (C); Juniors — Shannah Parsons (P), Rileigh Chase (SS), Isabella Lyons (OF/1B); Sophomores — Riley Smith (3B), Kaylie Galarneau (OF).

Brooklyn Federico (P), Grace Levesque (CF).

Freshmen — Lillian Palleschi (UTL), Mati Conde (UTL), Kya Robitille (UTL), Hayli Paradis (UTL), Alexis Pineda (UTL), Ryleigh Berg (UTL), Nora Labonte (UTL).

The Mustangs lost MVC Player of the Year Brooklyn Federico from last year's regional finalist, but return a solid battery of junior left-handed pitcher Shannah Parsons (4-0 with 40 Ks last year) and senior catcher June Foyt. Parsons (.569, team-best 17 walks) also will be big at the plate, along with 2023's team leader in RBIs, Madi Herr (.437, 24 RBIs), and returning leadoff hitter Rileigh Chase (.437, 32 runs). "Our offense should again be strong," coach Dave Kaplan said. "With seven freshmen to bring up to speed, the early-season emphasis will be heavy on team defense."

Gary Dolloff (21st year); assistant: Abby Mazza

Mountain Valley; C


Seniors — Brooke Brown (C), Mallorie Bourett (SS), Brooke Bennett (CF), Maisy Chase (P), Lanee Boucher (P), Lily Bedard (UTL); Juniors — Kloee Pellitier (C), Layce Boucher (2B), Ali Mazza (LF); Sophomores — Lily Boulanger (OF), Madisyn McLean (1B), Hayden Chase (3B), Madison Blanchard (UTL), Althea Allen (P), Phoenix Burbank (1B), Emily Putnam (OF), Annabelle Smith (UTL).

Sam Briggs, Emma Clukey.

Sophomore — Vicky Hendley (P); Freshmen — Andella Bourgoin (OF), MacKenzie Gammon (IF), Ella Melcher (IF), Emma Williamson (OF), Kyanna Wing (C), Peyton Smith (3B).

The senior class brings back a lot of experience that will be mixed with a lot of youth. The Falcons also have good options at pitcher, which should aid their quest for the playoffs. "I believe we will have a good year," coach Gary Dolloff said. "This senior class is tough and they love to play."

Bridget Blood (eighth year)

Mountain Valley; C

5-12, reached C South preliminary round.

Seniors — Adrianna Stinchfield (P), Aiyana Savage (3B), Katelyn Holt (OF), Randi White (OF/DH); Sophomores — Ari Dereszynski (IF), Sakari Savage (1B).

Abi Wilcox, Savannah Davis.

Freshmen — Vega Rollins (C), Edna Bilodeau (SS), Ruby Forsley (IF/OF), Christina Thorndike (IF/OF) Lya Pepin (IF/OF).

Ace Adrianna Stinchfield leads a group of determined senior leaders who will be playing alongside what coach Bridget Blood said is one of the most talented group of freshmen the Roadrunners have had. Mt. Abram expects to be a tough team to beat in 2024. "That's our goal this year, is to make every game a battle and allow ourselves the opportunity in every game, no matter what team we are facing," Blood said.

Ron Smith (10th year)



Senior — Jordan Dunham; Juniors — Madilyn Cote (SS/UTL), Sadie Irish (3B/UTL), Riley Latham (2B/UTL); Sophomores — Madison Cloutier (P), Abby Farrington (1B), Molly Hambrick (SS/OF), Chloe Mayberry (C), Leah Michaud (OF/UTL).

Alyssa Simoneau, Mikayla Wilcox, Mckella Ford.

Senior — Elsa Perez (UTL); Junior — Piper Casey (UTL); Freshmen — Abby Dorr (IF), Leah Merrill (P/UTL), Ava Davis (C/UTL), Olivia Erskine (OF), Sydney Fletcher (C).

The Cougars are young but also return players who played a lot of innings last spring. Coach Ron Smith said the squad is "looking to improve every day and build on what we learned last season."

Robert "Bud" Voss (second year)

Mountain Valley; B

10-8, reached C South quarterfinals.

Seniors — Aubrey McElhaney (C, captain), Madison Castonguay (OF), Sierra Lane (OF); Juniors — Carlee Austin (SS/P), Delia Custer (1B), Eliana Smith (OF), Ava Rivet (OF/C, captain), Kendall Theriault (SS/2B); Sophomores — Saryn Blais (2B), Emma Dubois (3B), Sunny Sloan (OF/P), Izzy Whitaker (P/UTL).

Kelsey Young (P/1B).

Freshmen — Sydney Wood (2B/SS/OF), Ava Lemont (P/1B), Olivia French (3B/C), Tayen Smith (3B/C/OF).

The Raiders have moved up from Class C to Class B this season, which means they'll have a tough schedule with many new teams. "However," coach Bud Voss said, "we embrace the move and look forward to the challenges ahead." Oak Hill features versatility throughout its lineup. The pitching rotation is young but will have the benefit of throwing to Aubrey McElhaney, who Voss said is "one of the best catchers I have had the pleasure to coach." The key to success for the Raiders this spring will be to improve defensively, limit mistakes, and become better situational players and base runners.

Cindy Goddard (34th year)


18-2, A North champion, Class A runner-up.

: Seniors — Maddy Miller (3B/SS), Tristen Derenburger (OF), Gabby Wright (OF); Juniors — Gigi DeVivo (2B) Madie Oliveira (OF), Allyson Day (OF); Sophomores — Cameron Mayhan (P/IF), Charlotte McGreevy (P/IB), Atalie Campbell (SS/C), Kyeria Morse (P/IF).

Kaydence Morse, Miah Gallan.

Sophomores — Sam McPhail (OF/C), Emma Cooper (OF/IF).

Two-time Sun Journal Player of the Year Kaydence Morse graduated, but the core of this year's Vikings played in the state game last June. "This team knows they will have to continue to work hard in order to return again this year," longtime coach Cindy Goddard said. The Vikings return a young but talented pitching staff, led by last year's ace, Kyeria Morse, Charlotte McGreevy and Cameron Mayhan, while Maddy Miller will anchor the infield. Goddard said the Vikings will be ready for the challenge of playing in the KVAC.

Andrea Forbush (first year)

Western Maine; B

14-4, reached B South semifinals.

Seniors — Gretchyn Paradis (P/SS), Khloe O'Leary (P/SS), Nicole Rioux (OF), Sydney Lacombe (1B), Emma Martin (3B); Juniors — Olivia Rioux (C), Kayleigh Hood (2B/OF/P); Sophomore — Faith Bustamante (OF).

Maggie McGlauflin (CF), Alyssa Hart (2B).

Freshmen — Phoebe Paradis (UTL), Alyson Larabee (1B/OF).

The Knights aim to again be a Class B contender and make a run in the playoffs. They are well-rounded and versatile, with a large group of experienced returners and young players working their way into varsity roles. "We will remain competitive and a team to beat in the league," said first-year coach Andrea Forbush, who has been an assistant for Poland prior to this season.

Lisa Dube (fifth year); assistants: Jake Turner, Hannah Turcotte

Mountain Valley; C

13-5, reached C South semifinals.

Seniors — Jaydn Pingree (CF/P), Jazmine Pingree (3B), Leah Burgess (SS), Makinlee Holt (1B); Juniors — Mallory Clark (1B/P), Sam Martin (2B), Tyoaka Hodgkin (LF/C); Sophomores — Rylee Turner (P/CF), Devin Bryant (RF/3B), Santika Hodgkin (C/CF), Bella Chretien (OF).

Emma Towers (C).

Freshmen — Ashley Nelson (C/OF), Aubrey Mitchell (IF).

The Phoenix return much of last season's regional finalist squad, but also add 11 freshman to the program. A lot of their focus will be on the basics, with help from the veteran players. "It is and has been reminded regularly to 'trust the process,'" coach Lisa Dube said. "My senior group of ladies have had the opportunity to see the process succeed, we want all to buy into this motto!" Dube said offensive improvement will be key to Spruce reaching its goal, which is to take the next step by advancing to the regional finals or further.

Scott Berube (third year)

Western Maine; D

8-9, reached D South quarterfinals.

Juniors — Emily Andrews (C/SS/P, captain), Kassidy Cote (2B/OF, captain), Cassidy Russell (OF/C/1B); Sophomores — Sophia Franciose (1B/OF), Ellia Dick (3B/OF); Freshman — Maddie Andrews (P/SS/3B).

Ava Apodaca, Natalie Reed.

Junior — Cassidy Russell (OF/C/1B); Freshmen — Piper Croteau (OF/C/IF), Chloe Croteau (SS/OF), Olivia Tapley (OF/2B), Chloe Ennis (2B/OF), Lily Fortin (P/SS), Ellie Porter (SS/OF).

Scott Berube said this year's squad is a young and enthusiastic group that enjoys playing together. Emily Andrews, Kassidy Cote and Sophia Franciose all have two years of varsity experience and are "great leaders," Berube said, and they will be examples and provide support to help the newcomers acclimate to the varsity level. St. Dom's will face a tougher schedule, but Berube said new assistant coach Eldon Tapley will help speed up the learning curve. The Saints are striving to finish above .500 and advance beyond the opening round of the postseason. "This team has lots of fun with a mixture of hard work, and they are all are looking forward to the first game of the season," Berube said.

Scott White (fourth year)

Mountain Valley; D

5-10, reached C South preliminary round.

Seniors — Makenzie Eliot (C/P/SS), Morgan Zetts (1B/3B), Sarah Chase (SS/3B), Karen Marshall (1B/OF), Bella Bennett (OF); Juniors — Hayley Smith (OF), Maylyn Hastings (P/2B/OF), Sophomores — Cadence Campbell (OF/SS/3B), Viv Charette (IF/OF/P/C), Taejah Lego (1B/OF).

Sophomore — Alyssa Norton (IF/OF); Freshmen — Olivia Hughes (1B), Hannah Stetson (OF), Mya Buck (C/IF), Emma McPherson (P/IF), Addy Kimball (IF/OF).

Coach Scott White said the Rebels aim to improve upon last year's record despite playing a "very competitive" Mountain Valley Conference schedule. "Another year of experience for the returning players, with an infusion of energy and talent from the new players should help," White said. Telstar dropped down to Class D as part of last year's reclassification process.

Amy Jones (first year); assistants: Lori Clark, Luke Rice

Mountain Valley; C

Winthrop: 9-9, reached C South quarterfinals; Maranacook: 14-4, reached C South semifinals.

Senior — Lillian Toyer (OF); Juniors — Ella Rice (C/OF), Charlotte Taylor (OF); Sophomores — Anna Reay (P/OF), Avery Loiko (OF), Paige Magee (UTL), Danika Dunn (UTL), Brynn Stubbert (OF), Camdyn Roy (P).

Alexis Michaud, Alissa Michaud, Allie LaBelle, Shylah Woodford, Kayleigh Kubucki, Lauren Wood, Julia Letourneau.

Freshmen — Harper Fyfe (C/OF), Cyara Harriman (IF), Piper Clark (IF).

Winthrop and Maranacook are in the first season of teaming up for a softball co-op. "With this being the first season of co-oping with Winthrop, our goals have been to create an environment that welcomes both schools and unifies us as a team," coach Amy Jones said. Jones is in her first season as head coach, but she has been coaching at Maranacook for six years. She said the team's focus will be on discipline.

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