2024 NFL schedule - Fitz's Four to Watch

With the NFL schedule now official, Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz runs through the quartet of games that he’s most excited to see - including a Super Bowl rematch, a pair of brothers reunited and a pair of former teammates now get to face their other former teams.

Video Transcript

The 2024 NFL schedule has been released and that means it's time for Fitz is four, the four games.

I'm most excited about this season in at number four.

I love J and that means week five, we get the matchup of Buffalo going to Houston.

What's the early season look like with no Stephan Diggs as part of the Bills and what's it look like for the Texans?

Have the Texans eclipsed Buffalo in the hierarchy of the AFC.

The storylines are everywhere in at number three, keeping the theme of revenge and drama.

Atlanta going to Minnesota in week 14.

That means we get to see Captain Kirk versus jj mccarthy.

What's it gonna look like late in the season?

Has Kirk recovered?

Was he everything the falcons thought he should be?

Was Michael Pennix Junior.

Now the quarterback, what's JJ mccarthy look like they're all linked together and I can't wait for it in at number two in a game that frankly should have been on Thanksgiving instead we get a week 12 match up Baltimore taking on the Chargers.

Look, I just want to see the Harbaughs.

I wanted to see what Thanksgiving looked like when they argue at the table.

But the competitive nature of those two brothers going at each other in a late season matchup, that will be all about where they are.

Have the Chargers been able to finally live up to what everyone thinks of them everywhere are the, are the Ravens ready to take down the Chiefs?

But most importantly, brotherly love.

How's it gonna look from the sidelines?

I'm in for it and of course the matchup of the year, easy Super bowl rematch, Kansas City at San Francisco every single year.

We're gonna talk about what happened last year.

What could have been for San Francisco?

What they couldn't get done?

And as the Chiefs continue their dominance, the question is, will there be something there that can make everybody start to feel like maybe there are cracks in the armor for the Chiefs who have seven stand-alone games this year alone.

They better be good because we're gonna see a bunch of them.

Those are the four best games.