2024 NFL salary cap is set: Raiders currently top ten in cap space

The salary cap for the 2024 season is finally set. It jumped a record $30.6 million this year to land at $255.4 million this season.

With the cap set, so too is the amount of cap space each team has to work with this offseason. Here is the top ten according to

1. Commanders $87,049,626
2. Patriots $82,927,006
3. Bears $80,396,157
4. Titans $78,648,381
5. Bengals $72,836,373
6. Colts $72,337,573
7. Texans $67,583,290
8. Lions $63,743,386
9. Cardinals $55,115,463
10. Raiders $48,653,311

As you can see, the Raiders land just inside the top ten in available cap space.

That number could go up as there are a few players whose cuts could offer some addition cap relief. They could add in excess of $26 million with a few potential cuts. Which would give them nearly $75 million in cap space, moving them into the top five as it currently stacks up.

That’s a good position to be in heading into free agency being that they will have some needs to address on both sides of the ball.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire