2024 NFL mock draft: What if the Commanders accepted an offer for the No. 2 pick?

What could theoretically transpire if, indeed, the Commanders were offered a huge benefit to trade down from the No. 2 overall selection?

Well, instead of a hypothetical guessing game, I decided to use an NFL Draft simulator from the Pro Football Network’s mock simulator and conduct my own Commanders’ mock draft.

My first rule of thumb was to take a trade in the first round if offered. My next rule was not to take any other trade offers but to go ahead and select in the positions the Commanders are currently sitting in as of March 23. Thirdly, I would not reach on any selection. I would select one of the top five ranked players (by the simulator) at the time of each selection.

Here is what happened…

Sure enough, at No. 2, the Cardinals made an offer. For the No. 2 overall selection, the Cardinals were offering the No. 4, 27, and 35 selections. Thinking that Adam Peters is attempting to remake this Commanders’ roster as much as he reasonably can in his first season, I accepted the offer.

At No. 4, I found UNC QB Drake Make was already taken, so I took Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy. I was not disappointed at all. In fact, I was very eagerly watching the picks made by the simulator, anxious to see my new options available at No. 27 and 35.

Wow, at No. 27, I took Penn State edge Chop Robinson, feeling that our new GM and head coach, Dan Quinn, would not be able to resist getting an explosive edge rusher.

Yes, I did consider an offensive tackle here at 27, but I had already determined I would not reach for any player in this draft. Sure enough, at No. 35, Arizona OT Jordan Morgan was available, so I chose him and followed that with taking Illinois DT Johnny Newton at No. 36 and Iowa State cornerback T.J. Tampa at No. 40.

The one disappointment I experienced was I wanted to add a wide receiver earlier, but again, I persevered true to my intention to never reach, but always taking one of the top five players available at the time I was drafting.

Here is my complete simulated 2024 Commanders Draft on March 23, 2024.

Pro Football Network mock simulator results.




Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire