2024 NFL draft trade value chart

Do you need a way to gauge swaps during this upcoming weekend? We got you covered!

Here, based on the Rich Hill Model, is the trade value chart for the picks throughout the 2024 NFL draft:

Now, will your Carolina Panthers be moving up or down that board? Heck, will they be moving at all?

Well, according to president of football operations and general manager Dan Morgan, you definitely shouldn’t count anything out.

“So, we really gotta see how it plays out,” Morgan said during his pre-draft press conference on Thursday. “I’m not gonna box myself in to any, like, ‘Hey, we’re not gonna do this, we’re not gonna do that.’ Ideally though, if we’re sitting there and there’s a really good player, we’ll take him. Trading up—those are discussions that we still have to have. So I think everything is on the table right now. I don’t wanna box us in right now.”

So hold on to your butts . . . and this chart!

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire