2024 NFL Draft: Spencer Rattler scouting report

Once the number one quarterback in the nation, South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler looks to prove he still has all the talent necessary to succeed on the highest stage as he enters the 2024 NFL Draft.

Here is everything you need to know about the Gamecocks talented leader:


Height: 6-1

Weight: 217

Class: Senior


An experienced and talented leader who has shown glimpses of elite quarterback play, Spencer Rattler is one of the biggest question marks at the quarterback position in this upcoming draft class. Rattler teases with his talent constantly on film, but can he stringing those flashes together consistently will be the challenge for him at the next level.

Rattler has NFL starter level arm strength that is attached to a quick and clean release that allows him to place strike at any point on the field. Rattler’s quick release and ability to throw from any off angle allows him to make plays from any position in or outside of the pocket and has proven to be an invaluable tool when he extends plays. Rattler’s athleticism is top notch and creates a dangerous level of next level playmaking ability with the potential to break outside the pocket and deliver strikes with pressure draping over him. With solid developed mechanics, a live arm, and plus athleticism, Rattler has everything you would want in the tools department in the draft.

In his final college season Rattler put up his best numbers with the team finding the end zone 23 total times, throwing for 3,186 yards, and maintaining a passer rating of 147.7 over that span.


Despite all the tools and mechanics Rattler possesses, he has failed to put up the kinds of numbers you would hope would come out of that talented of a player. Rattler’s decision making is at times abysmal, and his accuracy as a passer runs hot and cold to the detriment of his offensive drives.

Rattler also needs to work on his pocket presence as he too often would fall back outside the pocket as opposed to stepping up and finding room and would escape from clean pockets too often.


Blessed with all the natural talent in the world and truly working on his mechanics and game over the years, Spencer Rattler has put himself into a position where a team is almost certainly going to invest early based on those traits alone. It becomes a valid question why Rattler has never quite lived up to his talent and if more coaching will help fix his consistent issues, but at the very least he is going to be a hot commodity as a spot starter in the league.

Projection: Top 100 

Story originally appeared on Draft Wire