2024 NFL Draft: Oklahoma OT Tyler Guyton scouting report

Tyler Guyton was a second-team All-District 11-5A selection for Manor High School in Manor, Texas, where he played primarily defensive line. He chose TCU, but barely got on the field over two years… though he did bag a #THICCSIX touchdown for the Horned Frogs.

Guyton transferred to Oklahoma before the 2022 season, and that’s when things came into focus for him. He allowed two sacks and four total pressures that season in 191 pass-blocking reps at both left and right tackle, and in 2023 with his move to right tackle ensured, he allowed no sacks and 12 total pressures in 355 pass-blocking reps.

Guyton’s relative lack of big-school starting experience may put some NFL evaluators off, but when you watch the tape, there’s a whole lot to like. Guyton has pro-level potential at either tackle spot, and given how polished he is already, I don’t think the transitional issues will be tough to fix.



— Athletic mover with a really nice kick-step and turn around the arc. He has left tackle feet if you want him there.

— Understands stunts and games and will adjust his body on the fly to pick up the second defender.

— Keeps his feet under and aligned for the most part; this allows him to use his leverage optimally in power situations.

— Mirrors comfortably through the rep; it’s tough to get by him to either side because he recovers quickly.

— Has no issue driving defenders out in the run game, and he’s a headbanger in the pit when he needs to be. Perfectly capable of inflicting knockdown blocks and throwing linebackers around.


— Guyton is more of a catcher than an aggressor with his hands, and he’ll lose battles as a result when he could fire out. This might be a product of how the Sooners wanted him to do it; I’m not sure.

— Can get overpowered in two-point stances when he brings his upper body up too early in the rep.

— Guyton’s blocking isn’t… passive per se, but I would like to see him be a tick quicker to engage at times.

— If you want a tackle who clearly shows a will to dominate every rep, Guyton is more of a technician… but good luck getting his technique with some of the more dominant run-drivers.

Guyton is one of my favorite tackle prospects in this class, and I’m at a bit of a loss as to why he isn’t talked about more as a high-end (first-round) guy. I think he’s a plug-and-play RT in the NFL who can switch to the left side if need be. Yes, there is a relative lack of experience, but that makes his technique even more impressive.

Maybe the “blow your face up” blockers get more attention. Guyton just does everything really well. If that’s relatively boring, I’ll take boring 10 times out of 10. If he played with about 10% more Metallica, he might climb into OT 1/2 territory.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire