2024 NFL Draft: Joe Milton scouting report

Perhaps the most physically gifted quarterback in this special group of players, Tennessee quarterback Joe Milton is going to take his tantalizing skillset to the next level as he enters the 2024 NFL Draft.

Here is everything you need to know about the Volunteers gifted signal caller:


Height: 6-5

Weight: 235

Class: Senior


The clear and most obvious strength for Joe Milton is just how physically gifted he is as a quarterback. Standing at 6-5 and 235 pounds with athletic ability to match, Milton has maybe the strongest arm in his class. Milton possesses everything a modern NFL offense could want from the position and then some when it comes to raw tools and can expand the capabilities of what an offense can do based on that alone. Milton can throw off platform and launch the ball deep down the field with the flick of the wrist, as well as perform magic tricks to bypass pocket traffic and pick up big gains with his feet.

In his final college season Milton posted respectable numbers within a limited offense. With 27 touchdowns through the ground and air, 2,813 passing yards, and 299 rushing yards, Milton showed a capability to be a force behind center at the college level.


Joe Milton is going to be 24 years old when he enters the draft and is still an extremely raw and underdeveloped prospect for the NFL. Milton’s throwing mechanics need an overhaul, his accuracy and consistency need work, and he needs to expand all around in his decision-making.

It’s going to be a tough selling point to essentially attempt to re-teach a 24-year-old how to play quarterback and become more than what his raw tools provide.


There is little doubt that Joe Milton is a physically impressive prospect who is going to dominate the pre-draft process with his God-given talent. Teams are going to be tempted to take a chance on Milton on the idea that he can develop fully within a few years in the NFL, and potentially still be used in some option packages. Milton has clearly shown excellent character and willingness to learn and put in the work, and should he reach the high point of his ceiling, he could end up being an NFL starter.

ProjectionDay 3 pick 

Story originally appeared on Draft Wire