2024 NFL draft: Giants go quarterback in most early mocks

Following a 30-6 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 9, the New York Giants dropped to 2-7 on the season and lost quarterback Daniel Jones (knee) for the year.

Although unofficial, the latest defeat essentially propels the Giants into draft mode. General manager Joe Schoen is personally scouting some of the nation’s top quarterbacks and what remains of the regular season is basically moot.

The decade-plus of misery continues in East Rutherford.

So here on November 7, just a week removed from Halloween, we’re already looking ahead to mock drafts — most of which have the Giants selecting a quarterback, but not all.

CBS Sports: QB Caleb Williams (trade up)

From CBS Sports:

The Giants swing for the fences with Williams, who hasn’t exactly lit up college football the past few weeks but has franchise-caliber abilities.

PFF: QB Caleb Williams (trade up)

From Pro Football Focus:

With Daniel Jones struggling when healthy and now potentially out for the year with a knee injury, the Giants will likely finish within striking distance of Caleb Williams and Drake Maye. Here, they get aggressive to ensure this season is a fluke and not the start of a trend.

Williams struggled mightily during the middle part of the college football season, making zero big-time throws and six turnover-worthy plays in three games (Colorado, Arizona and Notre Dame). However, he has since bounced back with 11 big-time throws and just three turnover-worthy plays in his past three outings (Utah, Cal and Washington). He is still the high-ceiling prospect who does things few other quarterbacks can do, one who is worthy of the No. 1 pick.

The 33rd Team: QB Drake Maye

From The 33rd Team:

The Daniel Jones and Brian Daboll marriage is coming to a screeching halt in 2023 after showing some impressive signs of life in 2022. Jones had a bit of an anomaly season in 2022 in Daboll’s first year as coach, but things quickly returned to what we’re used to seeing from the former first-round pick.

Jones’ cap situation makes it tough to move on in 2024, but with a potential out in 2025, the New York Giants would be wise to spend the premium pick on their future quarterback: Maye.

USA TODAY: TE Brock Bowers


Daniel Jones – or whoever helms this offense in 2024 and beyond – needs difference-makers. That much was true last offseason, when the Giants overhauled their receiving corps, and it remains true now as the Giants stare down the remains of an injury-riddled season that exposed their rampant offensive shortcomings. If taken here, Bowers would tie Kyle Pitts for the title of highest-drafted tight end in NFL history, but even this year’s ankle surgery shouldn’t scare teams off from one of this class’ steadier prospects. The Mackey Award winner has repeatedly demonstrated he can take over a game and be the rare player at his position who can be a primary target for a passing attack.

Pro Football Network: QB Drake Maye

From Pro Football Network:

The Giants would hit the jackpot by landing Drake Maye, even if it takes a trade-up. Paying Daniel Jones was a mistake in the moment, so taking the opportunity to grab a true franchise QB in Maye is a reward for a bad decision.

Nevertheless, the idea of Maye developing under head coach Brian Daboll is mouth-watering. He’s well-versed in improving the consistency and decision-making of an incredibly gifted athlete.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire