2024 NFL draft: Cowherd talks Commanders potentially moving up

Colin Cowherd spoke much truth in one comment he made on Tuesday.

Cowherd discussed a report that the Commanders were exploring a possible trade-up with the Bears in this 2024 NFL draft to select USC quarterback Caleb Williams.

The problem was, this was not an actual report and there was no evidence of this actual report late Tuesday afternoon.

The truth with which Cowherd actually spoke, and he was unaware of it, was how he introduced the “report” of the Commanders already exploring a trade with the Bears.

Cowherd introduced the “report,” declaring, “Okay, so in about two months and a week, we have the NFL draft. And folks, it’s already starting.”

The popular TV show host was more accurate than he realized. He apparently had been given “a report” stating the origin was Mike Garafolo. However, Garafolo has yet to tweet the fact of this report four hours after Cowherd’s show today.

In addition, there is nothing of this “report” on the NFL’s official website, which daily posts breaking news stories.

Cowherd was right. Indeed it is already starting. What is starting is speculation is being incorrectly designated as breaking news. Media personalities and their theories and hopes are being declared to be reports.

Even more, in the same 3:47 video clip, Cowherd talked of how analysts Merrill Hoge and Matt Miller have both recently raised what they confidently feel are red flags concerning Williams.

Cowherd concluded the video segment actually declaring, “When smart people, who are right a lot, say things, as I always say, ‘Let’s get it right, not, try to be right.’ I may have to re-evaluate my number one pick.”

Get used to it; you are going to hear all sorts of theories as news right up to the actual night of the NFL draft.

It happens every year…

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire