2024 NFL Draft: Caleb Williams scouting report

One of the most hyped up and prolific quarterbacks in USC history, Caleb Williams was the best signal-caller in all of college football over the past two seasons, but will that transfer to the next level?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Trojan’s big time talent:


Height: 6-1

Weight: 215

Class: Junior


Caleb Williams is a top tier talent who performed at an extremely high level in college. There isn’t much you can’t ask Williams to do within an NFL offense. With a top-tier arm, elite-level playmaking ability both inside and outside the pocket, high-level accuracy, and high-level athleticism Williams can operate in any NFL offense and be a dynamic quarterback.

With his high level of pocket awareness Williams is a consistent escape artist who keeps his eyes down the field once outside the pocket and routinely looks for big plays, which he often makes. When those big plays down the field aren’t open Williams can locate running lanes in front of him and has enough speed to take advantage of space in the open field.

Williams’ traits and playmaking prowess lead him to putting up some of the best numbers we have seen out of a quarterback over a two year period. Putting up 93 total touchdowns and 8,170 passing yards during that span. Williams carried his offense on his back and was a huge reason USC was even remotely competitive this year.


There isn’t a ton of glaring flaws within Williams’ game. One crack in the armor is his propensity to play “hero ball” and try to extend and make a bigger play instead of taking what is in front of him. He was rarely punished for it, but you want quarterbacks to be more on schedule at the next level. All his others issues stim from this singular problem, which causes him to drift outside of clean pockets, abandon fundamentals in his mechanics, and throw caution to the wind.


All the reasons Caleb Williams has been hyped up over the last two seasons are legitimate, he does shine through as one of the most exciting and dominant players in all of college football. With his tangibles constantly showing up on film and his ability to carry an offense, Williams should not last long during draft night.

Projection: Top 3

Story originally appeared on Draft Wire