2024 girls lacrosse preview capsules

Apr. 12—Shaun McKinnon (fifth year)



Seniors — Piper Bonnefond (G), Ari Guay (D), Kaelyn Langlois (A), Hallye Thibodeau (D); Juniors — Izzy Hayes (A), Stella Smith (A), Gabby Gerry (A), Marina Morgan (A); Sophomores — Blake Hamel (D), Sydney Annear (D), Grace Beecher (A), Meredith Delehanty (A), Kaylie Heath (A).

Korah Cunningham, Abby Faucher.

Seniors — Micah Joler (D), Ava Kimball (A), Madison MacFawn (A); Junior — Serenity Mungin-Doyle (A/G); Sophomores — Mackenzie Joler (D), Aurora Martel (D), Maddie Ranger (A), Reagan Mulliner (D), Sydney Reed (D), Abby Whitmore (D); Freshmen — Avelynn Bowie (A), Maddie Hawley (D), Hannah Labbe (D), Hannah Sampson (D), Annabelle Lamontagne (D), Lexi Marconi (D), Evie McGuigan (D), Sophie Pickering (D), Destiny Sheppard (D), Madison Rivas (D), Evie Marshall (A).

McKinnon said he and assistants Richard Bruce, EB Ellis, Darcy Smyth and Marty Bressler have spent a lot of time with this year's team, and they are thrilled by the "remarkable participation and unwavering dedication of the players who have wholeheartedly embraced the team's message and culture." The Red Eddies add a cohort of talented newcomers, and McKinnon said their "commitment to excellence and relentless drive for success infuses the team with grit." Captains Izzy Hayes and Ari Guay and the leadership council are working to bring the team together, while everyone uses their athleticism to keep building on their lacrosse skills to find success this season.

Melissa Anderson (second year); Assistant: Mike Foster



Seniors — Olivia Moore (D), Malia Lewis (G) Abbigail Joyce (D), Christy Mason (M); Juniors — Isabel Humphrey (D), Amelia Foster (A), Sam Poulin (A), Laney Farrar (M), Hailey Carson (M).

Jennah Lynch, Lexi Wallingford, Andrea Smith, Alexandra Bucci, Bri Wiers.

Seniors — Errow Hinckley; Freshmen — Teagan Schultz, Lucy Pederson, Haylee Hanson, Vallorie Stetson.

The 26ers are a small team in numbers, but Anderson said they "make up for that with tenacity and players who are versatile and can play multiple roles successfully." The core returning athletes will provide a solid base both for the team and the new players, as the 26ers look to continue the momentum they started to build last season.

Jeremy Finney (first year)



Seniors — Ava Blanchette (A), Madeline Cote (A), Jasmine Connor-Shade (D/M), Savannah Connor-Shade (D/M), Olivia Crowley (D), Skylar Gaudette (D), Kaitlyn Shannon (A), Emily Trider (D), Gabriella Thomas (D); Juniors — Hayley Aloegnikou (A), Madison Langlais (A), Lauren Landry (M); Sophomores — Crew Langley (M), Gabrielle Roy (M), Lilly Beaulieu (M/D), Kadynce Bisson (G).

Abigail Beaucage (M), Caitlin D'Andrea (A), Julia Perkins (A), Alyssa Marcoux (D).

Seniors — Isabella Brunetti (D/A), Calezia Dow (A); Juniors — Maia Langlois (D/M), Marissa Beaulieu (M); Sophomores — Anna Courtemanche (A), Ayanay Holoman (M/D); Freshmen — Charlotte Crowley (A), Ellasyn Trider (A), Hannah Burleigh (G).

Finney said there is a lot of excitement and energy surrounding the upcoming season as the core of the Blue Devils' defense is returning. This year's team is loaded with leadership and is dedicated and working hard to start the season off strong.

Zach Stewart (first year)


9-5, reached the Class C quarterfinal.

Seniors — Ashley Deshamp (A/M), Tilden Tinkham (D), Mavia Lenane (G); Junior — Emerson Davis (M); Sophomore — Hadley Farwell (M/D).

Addi Watson, Lily Caban, Jordan Carr, Grace Drown.

Sophomores — Celia Bergdahl (M), Alice Ferran (M), Kate Parker (D), Mya St. Pierre (M), Alex Stewart (M); Freshmen — Cooper Davis (M), Stella Stewart (M), Eve Simcock (D).

The Maranacook/Winthrop co-op is geared up for an exciting season, despite, Stewart said, being "a youthful team under fresh coaching." The Black Bears' key focus is maintaining intensity throughout every game. While the team lacks upperclassmen, the skill and leadership of the experienced players are invaluable assets. Stewart said the Black Bears' objective this season is to "forge a strong sense of unity and cohesion on the field to propel the team to new heights as they expect to compete fiercely within the MVC conference."

Liz LeClair (fourth year), Kat Zachary (third year)


8-7, reached B North quarterfinal.

Seniors — Alissa Butterfield (A/M), Chloe Roberts (A), Evangeline Hutchins (G); Juniors — Giselle Couillard (D), Bree Griffin (D), Maya Kellett (M), Summer Sawyer (D), Alaya Smith (A/M); Sophomores — Nina Bogar (M), Addison Decker (M), Lily Huntley (A), Kali Judkins (M/G), Maddy Goodwin (D), Ivey Rackliff (A), Avery Tinker (A).

Emma Dunn (M), Callahan Towle (D), Talia Kidder (A).

Juniors — Allie Casavant (D), Abbi Donald (A); Sophomore — Grace Allen (M); Freshman — Reese Nye (D).

The Cougars graduated nine seniors last year, so LeClair said the program is looking to grow the depth to complement its versatile players and capitalize on the solid attacking lineup. The team is also looking to develop the junior leadership on the defensive end and to see the younger midfielders grow throughout the season. The Cougars are one of the younger programs in the KVAC conference, and LeClair said they are "happy to be a part of the growing attention to lacrosse and its talented young female athletes."

Jenna Durgin (second year)


9-5, reached Class A preliminary round.

Seniors — McKinley Soehren (A), Saige Winslow (A/D), Bayleigh Young (M) Julia Hanson (D), Kaya Joseph (D); Juniors — Gracie Hart (A/M), Abby Marcotte (A/M), Lily Hammond (M).

Juniors — Abby Toohey (D), Graycee Richardson (M); Sophomores — Mallory Kennagh (A), Braylin Gordon (D), Autumn Palmer (G); Freshmen — Kerrigan Watson(D), Chloe Grover (M), Ellie Winslow (M), Lydia Goyette (M).

This team has a healthy balance of returning varsity players and newcomers, which Durgin said shows the amount of growth the program and sport have had in the area. The key to Oxford Hills' success this season will be learning the balance of experienced players and introducing the newcomers to the high school level. Durgin said the team has never lacked drive and passion, and those traits will continue to be the foundation of the Vikings' year-over-year program growth.

Denis D'Auteuil (first year)


9-5, reached Class A preliminary round (St. Dom's in co-op with Oxford Hills).

Seniors — Emma Smith, Eva Sallee; Juniors — Anna Theriault, Leah Herrick, Natalee Lemay.

Freshmen — Abby Titus (G), Lily Bonney (M), Madalynne Stratman (M), Ava Martin (A), Jocelyn Davis (D), Jayda Smith (A), Chloe Laprell (D), Aubrey Fortin (D).

The new co-op is a young team with a wide range of experience, and D'Auteuil said the keys to success will be "strong communication on the field with an emphasis on team work." The Saints are looking forward to the season and are building on all of their hard work while also remaining highly motivated and athletic.

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