2023 Toyota bZ4X interior tour

The 2023 Toyota bZ4X interior strikes a nice balance between creating a unique, forward-looking cabin and one that is actually functional. Basic controls are where they should be, the 12.3-inch touchscreen is not only attractive but easy to use, and the touch-capacitive buttons actually work. There's still plenty of interesting details, including the 7-inch digital display mounted above the steering wheel line (we had no problem with the top of the wheel hiding the display), the gray fabric on the dash, the odd kinda-see-through phone bin cover, and the new-fangled electronic shifter.

Video Transcript

- This is the interior of the all new, all electric Toyota bZ4X. Now, this is a twin of the Subaru Solterra. And really, the only difference between the two is that the badge there. Now, also, the only way you can really tell that there might be something from Subaru here is that X-mode button. That is off-road drive modes. That's the only Toyota that has that, because this is the only Toyota that shares its all-wheel drive system with a Subaru.

Otherwise, all the buttons and switches here you see are from Toyota, which is the case with the Solterra as well. Now, the infotainment system-- that's not only from Toyota, but it's new for Toyota. It is shared with the Toyota Tundra, and more or less, the Lexus NX as well-- very standard on all trim levels. It's very pretty. It's very quick, which is two things that could not be said about the existing Toyota infotainment system.

Now, it would be nice if they could have split screen, say, for-- the 60 portion being a map and the 40 portion being audio, for instance. That could be a nice update. Also, there is tap, tap, tap volume buttons, not knobs. These are touch capacitive buttons, but they are lit up, unlike some other brands-- cough-- Volkswagen. And they're generally easy enough to use and responsive. And importantly, the actual temperature controls are physical toggle switches.

In terms of other elements, you do have a new shifter. You push down and the right or to the left for drive and reverse. Press the button for park. That is the one pedal drive button. This car does not have many different levels of regenerative braking, as others do. There's no paddle shifters to do that-- just one setting. It's pretty good happy medium. It's not the full pull the chute regenerative braking, but it's just a good amount there. And it also pairs well with the actual brake pedal to be pretty smooth and easy to use.

Now, up there is the other screen that's important, which would be the all-digital instrument panel. That's pretty normal. A lot of cars have these, especially EVs. But this is distinctive, because you actually view it like this over the wheel. It's almost like a Honda Civic of two generations ago. And it's also kind of in between, where standard instruments would be, and then, say, a head up display.

Generally, I like it. Maybe the speed and some of the other readouts can be a bit bigger, but generally, it works. The other thing that is kind of crazy-- how much of a large, also weird steering column you end up with. Steering wheel itself is also new, very small, kind of imparts an extra sporty feel to this car.

In terms of storage, that is a wireless charging pad down there. And as you can see here, the piano black trim shines the sun directly into your eyes a lot, which isn't great. But back to the wireless charging pad-- is behind here. There's your phone. And I guess you're supposed to be able to see through it to see if your phone lights up or-- I don't know. You shouldn't be looking down there anyway. And you can't fully see through it. I don't get it.

But here you go. You also have more plugs down there, under console storage, which is very common in EVs. Cup holder there-- this is a sliding console. And then finally, I'd like to point out this really nice fabric trim that's on all the bZ4X dashes-- certainly nicer than hunk of plastic or vinyl, something different. I kind of wish they offered something like that on the seats themselves, but as it is, the limited has all SofTex pleather, whereas the base XLE has a mix of SofTex and a different type of cloth. So here is the interior of the bZ4X.