2023 RSM Classic in full swing

Nov. 15—The 2023 RSM Classic is here in the Golden Isles with tee times set from 8 a.m. Seaside and Plantation through 10:12 a.m. For the first two days of tournament play, 156 golfers look to move up the top of the leaderboard to put themselves in contention to hoist the RSM Classic trophy Sunday afternoon on Seaside's 18th hole.

Sixteen golfers who call the Golden Isles home or have called it home in recent years are in the field and nine current PGA Tour winners are in the field. From the likes of Camilo Villegas, Mackenzie Hughes, Chris Kirk, Nico Echavarria, Nick Hardy, Davis Riley, Luke List, Akshay Bhatia, and The Champion Golfer of the Year in Isles' own Brian Harman.


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