2023 NFL schedule changes make 'perfect sense'

Michael Holley and Ashley Nicole Moss unpack the changes to the NFL's 2023 schedule, including playing a game on Black Friday and notable matchups between the Chiefs vs. Lions and Jets vs. Bills.

Video Transcript


MICHAEL HOLLEY: This is what the NFL has produced, Ashley Nicole Moss. We already had Thanksgiving football. Now, back in the day-- this is funny, they just-- they keep giving you more until you say, that's enough. The problem is-- I guess it's a good problem to have-- nobody says that's enough.

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So back in the day, it was your Cowboys playing in the late window on Thanksgiving, early window, Lions. Now, we add a late night Thanksgiving game. That's cool.


MICHAEL HOLLEY: Now, we add a Black Friday game. That's cool. It's just going to keep coming. It's just going to keep going.

Do you think-- well, are you at a point, may I ask-- and forget about speaking for people because it's not enough for me. Bring it on. You want Saturday football? Tuesday football? I'm good with it.

How about you? You look at it and say, oh, wait a minute, let's tone it down here, it's a little too much?


ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: No, I think that if you strategically place them in spaces that make sense, bring it on. Like for example, I think this makes sense. Thanksgiving, you have a three-game slate.

And I don't know about you, Michael, but I have a Thanksgiving hangover. I don't go anywhere on Friday. I'm still trying to digest all the turkey and wine that I drink, so--

And so I think it makes sense. Nobody is really moving, shaking. It's not like they're trying to do this the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend or the next week. It makes perfect sense. Three-game slate, you're not going to have to really worry about NBA.

Then you bring on this Black Friday game. You eat your leftovers, you do some online shopping maybe, or if you're crazy enough to actually go into the stores at 4:00 AM, that's on you. But by the time that's all said and done, you can enjoy-- you can enjoy football on Black Friday. I think this makes perfect sense.


MICHAEL HOLLEY: It does, and I want you to-- I want you to do me a favor, OK, because I know your team-- and you know what, Gary, put that schedule back up there because I want to make a point. There's a game on the schedule, I think it's already highlighted-- it's already highlighted for me-- it is.

I know you love the Cowboys. And you know, I don't love the Cowboys. I don't love them. I'm not a Cowboys hater, but that's-- you know, they're fine. Cowboys are great. They're good for business.

I want you to inspire, please inspire the Cowboys right there, week five, Cowboys at Niners. I need the Cowboys to win that game. I need the Cowboys to win that game convincingly because Ashley, I have never seen a team that hasn't won a thing be so full of it, so arrogant like the Niners.

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: Who's arrogant? Oh, OK--


MICHAEL HOLLEY: The Niners, the Niners. Deebo Samuel talking about, oh, it was 10 on 11. Clearly, we're clearly better than Philly. We're clearly better. If our quarterback doesn't get hurt-- well, wait a minute, it's football, bruh. It's football. Your quarterback might get hurt. Your left tackle might get hurt. It might affect the game. It might happen in the first quarter. There's no rule that says, hey, only injuries can happen when the game is in hand in the last five minutes or four minutes.

So I need you to humble-- you and the Cowboys, please humble the Niners. I used to like the Niners. Now--

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: I would love to help you out. I hope we help you out. But my goal is bigger than the 49ers. I'm trying to win week to week. I'm trying to win the playoffs.



ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: I'm trying to go deep in the playoffs. If we can go ahead and hand you a week five win to go ahead and handle your beef with the 49ers, I got you. I hope we can help you out.

But I just want the Dallas Cowboys team that I see during the regular season, the team that fights back against all adversity, who wins games that people count them out for, I want to see that when it counts the most. And that is in the playoffs.

I'm tired of being a regular season team. I need to be a playoff team. I need to be a team that when you see you have the Dallas Cowboys on the schedule or your match-up for the playoffs, you're like, oh, crap, we might lose.

I-- I want to invoke fear in our opponents. That is my goal for this season. That is my goal for Dak Prescott. Let's go, Cowboys.


MICHAEL HOLLEY: Well, I like that. I like that. It's going to be difficult for the Cowboys to win without your number one center, Ezekiel Elliott. [LAUGHS]

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: Listen, Tony, I will say this, I will say this-- the running back situation in Dallas is--


ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: --it's sad. It's sad.

MICHAEL HOLLEY: I was sitting on that one.


MICHAEL HOLLEY: I was sitting on that-- that was such a pathetic play. That was such a--

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: You're not going to throw shade at Zeke and my Dallas Cowboys. You're not going to do it. I'm--


MICHAEL HOLLEY: Come on, like, why they have-- why they have my man lined up like that at center?

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: --in all seriousness, I am interested--

MICHAEL HOLLEY: Why do they do that to him?

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: --in all seriousness, though, Michael, I am interested to see how this running back situation's going to work. You know, Tony Pollard is not an Ezekiel Elliott in terms of statute. He's not-- in terms of his physique, in terms of the way that he plays the game.

I am interested to see what it looks like for him going from running back number two to running back number one. I would like, in a perfect world, to bring Zeke back in some capacity. I would like to have him back. I still think that he still has things to give to this football team.


MICHAEL HOLLEY: Ooh, that's a take. That's a take.

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: I will die on that hill, Michael.

MICHAEL HOLLEY: You'd like to have Zeke come back? Wow, OK.

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: As running back number two, absolutely. I still think he can hit those holes.

MICHAEL HOLLEY: Yeah, I mean, look, they'll be fine. I'm not-- I'm not really worried about the running back position, with or without Zeke. And that's no disrespect to him. He's Ohio State, he's family, so he's a Buckeye. But--


MICHAEL HOLLEY: --at that-- the, and thank you very much-- but I think at that position, they'll be OK. The bigger question is, is Mike McCarthy about it? Is he about it?


They moved on from Kellen Moore. Is Mike McCarthy ready to be that OC who's imaginative? Can he be an-- an imaginative OC who gets the most out of the offense?

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: Michael, it is May. Why are you trying to stress me out already?

MICHAEL HOLLEY: OK, I don't want to stress you out. I'll start-- let's get somebody else's stress in here. Let's get some other teams stressing. Two-- two teams I'm really looking at, teams that have-- well, one team has never been to the Super Bowl. One team went to the Super Bowl last in 1969.

So the Jets and the Lions-- the Lions, the official team of "Brother From Another" goes to Arrowhead as Kevin Harlan said. And when they won 8 of their last 10, they looked like a playoff team that didn't make the playoffs. I'm buying in on the Detroit Lions.

How about you? I'm not talking about Super Bowl, but I think they're a playoff team. I think they will make the playoffs. How about you?

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: Absolutely, I agree. I think that they looked really good in the second half of the season. There was a lot of promise there. I think that they've made the adjustments necessary to kind of start off this season where they left off last season.

The Lions are turning a leaf. It's no longer-- you see the Lions on the schedule, and you're like, yep, we got one. That's a win in the column for us.

I think that the Lions are now a team that you see them on the schedule, and you know, all right, we're going to have to do some homework on these guys. We're going to have to bring it. These are not the pushover Lions of the past.

And I'm excited. The City of Detroit deserves that. The City of Detroit deserves a good football team. It's been a while.

MICHAEL HOLLEY: Yes, love Detroit. What's up, Detroit? What up, doe? All right, so look, and let's talk about the Jets.

The Jets got Aaron Rodgers. And they're going to have Aaron Rodgers taking on Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, "Monday Night Football." Now, I'm not sure how I feel about the Jets. Obviously, they upgraded at quarterback.


MICHAEL HOLLEY: It makes so much-- it makes so much sense. It's just one of those things-- and maybe this is a personal problem. I need to-- I need to work through this issue.

It's an issue that I have, that when things look too easy, I start to second-guess it. I start to second-guess it. And sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, it's just what it is, and I just got to trust it.

But sometimes, it's not what it appears to be. So what do you think? It looks like Aaron Rodgers-- add Aaron Rodgers to a team that had major quarterback problems, that had a great defense last year, you add Aaron Rodgers to that mix, you should be in the playoffs. But do you think the Jets will make it?

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: I do think they make it. I think that Aaron Rodgers is the piece that they've been missing. Listen, the Jets are well-coached. Like you said, great defense. They have a lot of offensive weapons.

I think that the quarterback is what they were missing. And listen, a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers doesn't fall into your lap every other day, every other year, every other season. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Jets.

Now, I will say sometimes, things can be too good to be true. But if that ends up being the case for the New York Jets, a.k.a. the New Jersey Jets, that is problematic because you-- there's-- there's a lot riding on this to work.

I'm not saying this year particularly is Super Bowl or bust. But let's be honest, Aaron Rodgers, almost 40. How long is he going to keep doing this? You've got to make it happen now, sooner rather than later.

MICHAEL HOLLEY: I remember you said before-- now, you just said that little shot, the New Jersey Nets-- I remember you said--


MICHAEL HOLLEY: --New Jersey Jets. You said you've never been to Connecticut. You have been to Jersey, right? You have been--



ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: I've been to Jersey twice in my life, twice in my life.



MICHAEL HOLLEY: OMG. You're-- like, you are right there.

ASHLEY NICOLE MOSS: I don't go to outlet malls.

MICHAEL HOLLEY: It's right there.