2023 NFL Draft: First Round Mock Draft Post-Championships 1-31

2023 NFL Draft: The first 29 picks are set with the last two to be determined after the Super Bowl. Here’s our latest look at the first round after the conference championships.

2023 NFL Draft: Mock Draft First Round Post-Championship Weekend

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Down to just Philadelphia and Kansas City, the NFL all but has its draft order set.

Things are changing rapidly with coaching moves, rumors about various quarterbacks possibly going to places that could draft a passer in the first round, and with free agency hot stove talk heating up. All of this affects the 2023 NFL Draft.

This latest post-championship weekend mock draft reflects all of that before the next big step in the process – the NFL Combine.

Here’s the best guess idea for each team along with why the pick makes sense.

30 or 31 Philadelphia

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Isaiah Foskey EDGE Notre Dame

Will the Eagles be able to keep all the talent on the line around? With their second pick in the first round, they’ll have a shot at getting younger and even more versatile with a dangerous pass rusher like Foskey.

30 or 31 Kansas City

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Dalton Kincaid TE Utah

Travis Kelce might be rolling along, but he’s only a few months younger than Rob Gronkowski. At 33 Kelce is still fine, and adding Kincaid as the next killer receiving tight end in the rotation – and giving Patrick Mahomes yet another option – would be terrifying.

29 New Orleans (from Denver)

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Zach Harrison DE Ohio State

This 29th pick gets around. It was San Francisco’s, and then it was Miami’s, and then it was Denver’s. The Saints – who get this in the Sean Payton deal – need a quarterback, but this might be a wee bit of a stretch for Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker. They also need work on the defensive front, and Harrison is a stronger option than any of the available tackles.

28 Cincinnati

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Jaelyn Duncan OT Maryland

The offensive line was okay before the injuries started to hit. Even so, the Bengals can’t invest enough in protecting 9.

27 Buffalo

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Brian Branch S Alabama

Like last year, it’s not like Buffalo desperately needs anything. It has to get a guard, and another wide receiver would be a plus, but those areas can be dealt with later. Branch is a versatile tough guy of a safety who would step right into an already good situation.

26 Dallas

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Jordan Addison WR USC

The change in offensive coordinator should mean one thing – more help for Dak. The Cowboys need an elite talent on the other side of CeeDee Lamb.

25 New York Giants

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Jaxon Smith-Njigba WR Ohio State

The Giants have better wide receiver talent than it might seem, but they don’t have a big-time No. 1 to make defenses worry. The wide receivers will be too tempting to pass up in the mid-to-late part of the first round.

24 Jacksonville

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Anton Harrison OT Oklahoma

The Jaguars are in a nice spot. It’s a deep first round and they can go the Best Player Available route if they choose. More help on the O line to protect Trevor Lawrence is the easy call if Harrison lasts this long.

23 Minnesota Vikings

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Cam Smith CB South Carolina

Another year, another Viking team that needs more talent on defense. The horrific pass D needs an infusion of prospects to repair the big, big problem.

22 Los Angeles Chargers

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: O’Cyrus Torrence OG Florida

Infrastructure can be sexy. Yes, the Chargers always seem to need offensive linemen, and yes, they always keep trying to fix the glitch. That’s just fine – they’re building something terrific.

21 Baltimore Ravens

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Quentin Johnson WR TCU

Wide receiver, wide receiver, wide receiver. Assuming Lamar Jackson is still a Raven, Baltimore has got to give the guy someone dangerous to throw to. The wide receivers will drop, and the Ravens will get their pick.

Miami forfeited the pick that would’ve been the 21

20 Seattle Seahawks

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Siaki Ika DT Baylor

Seattle has the luxury of getting a franchise-changing quarterback at the 5, and then take a solid need player here. It’s Seattle, so think as outside-the-box as you might like, but a big tackle like Ika fills a glaring hole – even if this is a tad early.

19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Bijan Robinson RB Texas

It’s way too far for Robinson to fall. There’s a chance someone who doesn’t really need a running back – think Patriots, Packers, or Texans – decides to upgrade to a gamechanger of a talent. If he’s still here, Robinson becomes an insta-fix for a rebooted franchise that will start to run at least a little bit. Also, this is assuming some terrific free agent quarterback will want to live the Tampa life.

18 Detroit Lions

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Christian Gonzalez CB Oregon

Assuming the Lions go after a pass rusher with the sixth overall pick, now they get to fatten up a bit. They’ll go with the best cornerback still available.

17 Pittsburgh Steelers

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Devon Witherspoon CB Detroit

There’s going to be a great corner here. Whether it’s Penn State’s Joey Porter Jr. or Georgia’s Kelee Ringo, or Oregon’s Christin Gonzalez, or Witherspoon, it’s a rich area to pick from.

16 Washington Commanders

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Kelee Ringo CB Georgia

With all the talk about needing a quarterback, don’t dismiss just how promising and talented Sam Howell is. The defense needs more playmakers, too, and there are a slew of great corners on the board.

15 Green Bay Packers

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Brian Bresee DT Clemson

The Packers can get more pass catchers later. The defense has a ton of great young players, and Bresee is a versatile enough option to work somewhere up front as part of a potentially loaded front wall.

14 New England Patriots

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Lukas Van Ness DE Iowa

Flip a coin on Van Ness or Clemson DT Brian Bresee. The Patriots might need to find more offensive weapons – and Texas RB Bijan Robinson might be way too tempting here, even with talent already in the Patriot backfield – but Van Ness fits.

13 New York Jets

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Broderick Jones OT Georgia

The line needs an infusion of more talent. If Michael Mayer doesn’t fall here, the Jets will have a slew of good blockers to choose from.

12 Houston Texans (from Cleveland)

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Michael Mayer TE Notre Dame

Assuming Houston doesn’t trade away picks to move up to the 1, and assuming it goes with a quarterback with its first selection, here’s the shot to get a potentially elite safety valve receiver.

11 Tennessee Titans

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Paris Johnson OT Ohio State

The Titans have to get more talented on the offensive front. A wide receivers is a desperate must, but a strong lineman would be an instant fix. There’s wide receiver value later.

2023 NFL Mock Draft Top 10 … NEXT

2023 NFL Mock Draft Top 10

10 Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans)

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Joey Porter Jr. CB Penn State

It’s one of the bigger question marks of the first round – just how many defensive parts will the Eagles lose after the Super Bowl? Corner is a good place to start, and they’ll have several strong options to choose from.

9 Carolina Panthers

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Anthony Richardson QB Florida

Yeah, when it comes to size and mobility, yeah, the Cam Newton comparisons fit as the Panthers try hope to catch that lightning in a bottle again, but Richardson isn’t the same passer … yet. In terms of talent, this is a perfect spot to take a shot at the guy who – given a little time and work – might turn out to be a far more dangerous Josh Allen.

8 Atlanta Falcons

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Myles Murphy EDGE Clemson

The Falcons continue their desperate, never-ending search for pass rush. They hope for Tyree Wilson to fall, but Murphy is hardly a bad consolation price.

7 Las Vegas Raiders

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Peter Skoronski OT Northwestern

This is making one massive assumption – a 12 is going to be the new Raider quarterback. Whether it’s Brady or Rodgers, the guess is that Vegas will find an insta-fit passer and draft the star tackle to rebuild the front.

6 Detroit Lions (from LA Rams)

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Tyree Wilson EDGE Texas Tech

The Lions have the 18, so they can go with the proverbial Best Player Available here. Take the dynamic pass rusher, take some of the heat off Aidan Hutchinson, and look … out.

5 Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: CJ Stroud QB Ohio State

This doesn’t really seem like a move Seattle would normally make, but it needs to refresh the franchise and it has the No. 20 pick to go after one of the bigger needs. Stroud, Young, or Levis – there’s no wrong answer here.

4 Indianapolis Colts

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Bryce Young QB Alabama

Like Will Levis at the 2, take your guess on the quarterback of choice here. Young’s lack of size is going to matter in the offseason process, but he’s the most talented NFL-caliber quarterback in the draft.

3 Arizona Cardinals

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Will Anderson EDGE Alabama

Done and done. It’s possible he could be the No. 1 overall pick, and it’s possible Chicago trades down and goes with the superstar pass rusher over the superstar defensive tackle in Jalen Carter. Arizona needs O line, but it’s not passing up Anderson.

2 Houston Texans

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Will Levis QB Kentucky

Go ahead and pick your quarterback of choice here. Sticking with one basic belief – Levis is going to destroy the offseason workouts as he grows into the possible No. 1 overall pick.

1 Chicago Bears

2023 Mock Draft Latest Call: Jalen Carter DT Georgia

The Bears will almost certainly trade out of this to some quarterback-starved team, but if they stay put, assume they get the rock to build the defense around.

2023 NFL Draft Underclassmen. Early Entrants
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Top 100 2023 NFL Draft Early Entrants
2023 NFL Draft Early Entrants By College

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