2023 NBA mock draft 3.0 - Who’s joining Victor & Scoot?

Yahoo Sports NBA draft analyst Krysten Peek looks at the players making a push to challenge the consensus top two picks in next June’s draft.

Video Transcript


KRYSTEN PEEK: The college basketball season is underway. And the upcoming 2023 NBA draft. Will be like no other draft we've ever seen. Projected at the top are possibly four noncollege players, but there might be one or two collegiate players to crack the top five by the end of this season. Let's take a look at Yahoo Sports's latest top five for the 2023 draft.

Number one will never change from here until the draft, and that's 7 foot 4 French center who can do it all Victor Wembanyama. He's playing his final season over in France and is leading the league in scoring, averaging 23.2 points per game, and adding 9 rebounds and 3 blocks. Wembanyama plans on finishing out his season in France before he hits the NBA scene. And he continues to be must-watch basketball any time he hits the court.

Up next is G League Ignite guard Scoot Henderson at number two. Scoot had a monster game earlier this month where he recorded a career-high 16 assists and added 18.6 rebounds and 1 steal in 35 minutes. Henderson is the best guard in this draft class and a great consolation prize to whoever just misses on Wembanyama in the draft lottery.

At number three is a player shooting up draft boards, Alabama's Brandon Miller. The 6 foot 9 freshman is a versatile guard who can shoot it from anywhere on the court. He's currently averaging 52.4% from 3 on 7 attempts per game and is a plug-and-play guy a lot of teams in the lottery will be eyeing in June.

To close out the top five is a pair of twins from the Overtime Elite League, Amen and Ausar Thompson. These two are so explosive and two of the most exciting players in the open court. Amen edges out Ausar with the way he creates as a primary ball handler. But Ausar is the better defender.

Both players continue to work on their outside jump shot, but there is a ton of upside in the 6 foot 7 combo guards. And I can't imagine them not going one right after the other in the upcoming draft with their size and skill set.

There will be plenty of draft coverage throughout the rest of the college season. And for continual coverage on these players and all draft prospects, keep it right here on Yahoo Sports.