2023 Jamestown Sun Pigskin Picks Week 2

Aug. 31—JAMESTOWN — The first week of Pigskin Picks was incredibly competitive as five of the six people who made picks finished 8-2, with myself finishing in last place at 7-3. The records will be displayed below next to each person's name. The Jamestown Sun would like to thank Gun and Reel for their continuing sponsorship of the picks.

University of Jamestown (0-1) at Midland University (1-0)

Max O'Neill, sports reporter,(7-3): Midland

Katie Ringer, sports reporter (8-2): Midland

Mark McKenzie (play-by-play)/ Gavin Kutz sales consultant, (8-2): Midland

Michael Savaloja, director of major gifts and planned giving at UJ (8-2): Midland

Jayden Taylor, sports director i3G Media (8-2): UJ

Merle Weatherly, sales clerk Gun & Reel Sports (8-2): UJ

#4 Jamestown High School (0-1) vs. Turtle Mountain Community High School (0-2)

Max O'Neill: JHS

Katie Ringer: JHS

Mark McKenzie/ Gavin Kutz: JHS

Michael Savaloja: JHS

Jayden Taylor: JHS

Merle Weatherly: JHS

Thompson (1-1) at Harvey — Wells County (1-1)

Max O'Neill: Harvey-Wells County

Katie Ringer: Thompson

Mark McKenzie/ Gavin Kutz: Thompson

Jayden Taylor: Thompson

Merle Weatherly: Thompson

RV LaMoure/Litchville-Marion (1-1) at Hatton/Northwood (1-1)

Max O'Neill: L/L-M

Katie Ringer: L/L-M

Mark McKenzie/ Gavin Kutz: L/L-M

Jayden Taylor: L/L-M

Merle Weatherly: L/L-M

RV Grant County/Flasher (2-0) at #5 South Border (2-0)

Max O'Neill: South Border

Katie Ringer: South Border

Mark McKenzie/ Gavin Kutz: South Border

Jayden Taylor: South Border

Merle Weatherly: South Border

Colorado at #17 TCU

Max O'Neill: Colorado

Katie Ringer: TCU

Mark McKenzie/ Gavin Kutz: TCU

Jayden Taylor: TCU

Merle Weatherly: Colorado

#21 North Carolina at South Carolina

Max O'Neill: South Carolina

Katie Ringer: South Carolina

Mark McKenzie/ Gavin Kutz: North Carolina

Jayden Taylor: North Carolina

Merle Weatherly: South Carolina

#5 LSU at #8 Florida State (in Orlando)

Max O'Neill: Florida State

Katie Ringer: LSU

Mark McKenzie/ Gavin Kutz: LSU

Jayden Taylor: LSU

Merle Weatherly: Florida State

Eastern Washington vs. NDSU (at U.S. Bank Stadium)

Max O'Neill: NDSU

Katie Ringer: NDSU

Mark McKenzie/ Gavin Kutz: NDSU

Jayden Taylor: NDSU

Merle Weatherly: NDSU

Drake vs. University of North Dakota

Max O'Neill: UND

Katie Ringer: UND

Mark McKenzie/ Gavin Kutz: UND

Jayden Taylor: UND

Merle Weatherly: UND